In your sister’s room, doing indecent things to your sister

I like where this is going


…Is what I was think­ing when I first heard about it. After actu­al­ly watch­ing it, it turned out to be an extreme­ly hilar­i­ous ani­me with a lik­able main char­ac­ter and some heart­warm­ing moments. At least, it seems that way so far.

The humor would be appre­ci­at­ed by any geek. The pas­sion Azun­yan~ Kiri­no has for her hob­by and her argu­ments against Kuroneko and her elit­ist views is very amus­ing to watch. Thank god the main char­ac­ter is nor­mal and this show turned out to be humor­ous, rather than a big inces­tu­ous sexfest like Aki Sora.

JUDGGGGGGMENT! The pain-in-the-ass strict dad is voiced by the same seiyuu that did Kratos from Tales of Sym­pho­nia.

Some­how, I find that amus­ing. That, and this:

Always the best option

It’s always the best option. Fal­con Kick her ass out of there!

4 thoughts on “In your sister’s room, doing indecent things to your sister

  1. I keep see­ing scenes for incest but it nev­er hap­pens which is a bit…I don’t know how to explain it lol. Too bad the series is almost over. Loved that option to kick her out of the bed lol.

    1. It’s a bit dis­ap­point­ing that the series is end­ing and I’ve only been slug­gish­ly fol­low­ing the series since the begin­ning of this month. Stu­pid edu­ca­tion stress!

  2. Haha, those were my ini­tial thoughts too. There’s not that much incest though, and I thought it was actu­al­ly a very sol­id show.

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