Merry Christmas to everyone!

The real season of loving

Just post­ing to wish you all a Mer­ry Christ­mas. Spend time with your loved ones, don’t be a recluse and spend all your hol­i­days play­ing games and watch­ing ani­me by your­self! Do it with some­one or some­thing, just be sure to spend time with your loved ones in one way or anoth­er. ^_^

I might have sound­ed a bit preachy there, but I final­ly got to see my rel­a­tives from over­seas in Asia after not being able to see them all my life, after spend­ing my recent years think­ing the hol­i­days were a lame excuse to be nice to peo­ple just to get presents when you can be nice to peo­ple all year ’round. It was a pret­ty good feel­ing, and I hope you all expe­ri­ence the same kind of joy this hol­i­day season.

There’s prob­a­bly not gojng be any sub­stan­tial post­ing from me the rest of the year until 2011. Maybe a ran­dom post here or there about the series I’ve been try­ing to watch, and maybe even a New Years post. Oth­er than that, I’m just going to chill for the rest of the year. See ya.

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