First Impressions and Thoughts of Spring Anime

Finally, you bastard

Progress: Hanasaku Iro­ha [watched four episodes], Nichi­jou [watched OVA and one episode], Yon­de­ma­suyo, Azazel-san [watched one episode], X‑Men [watched one episode], Tales of Sym­pho­nia: Teth­e’al­la Hen (OVA) Episode 4 (com­plet­ed)

Hanasaku Iro­ha

So far, it’s been keep­ing my inter­ests. I actu­al­ly like it a lot because the plot and episode struc­ture reminds me of an after­noon Asian dra­ma, only ani­mat­ed. Ohana is an awe­some female lead and despite some cliché here and there, I think this ani­me has a lot going for it. The ani­ma­tion is extreme­ly pret­ty and I haven’t noticed any signs of off-mod­el frames yet, which is always a plus.

The only episode that I was­n’t fond of was episode three. I’m all for yuri and per­vert­ed things, but I’d pre­fer fanser­vice not to rear in its ugly head in a show like this and keep itself on Dan­booru (fap­fap). The ani­me would be bet­ter off with­out it, but that’s just me. Or, at least, tone it down to bath scenes like episode four. The spike in fanser­vice in that episode was out of place with the rest of the series, con­sid­er­ing the first two episodes give off com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent feels com­pared to it. Episode three just felt over-the-top. It did­n’t both­er me that much, but it felt weird. 😛

Oth­er than that, I find the char­ac­ters, romance, and rela­tion­ships inter­est­ing. This is prob­a­bly my favorite show this season.

No sorry


Ah, KyoAni and their slice-of-life. 

I admit, I’m in love with the ran­dom­ness of this show already. It’s gen­uine­ly fun­ny. It has a char­ac­ter who comes from a fam­i­ly of farm­ers, who thinks he’s rich and goes to school on a goat — it’s bound to be a guilty pleasure! 😀

Pedobear, is that you?

Yon­de­ma­suyo, Azazel-san

…what the hell did I just watch? It was fun­ny, but I real­ly did have no idea what I was get­ting myself into. xD

Azazel-san is voiced by Onosa­ka. Sold.

Cyclops looking cool

So far, so good! The art style is badass and is rem­i­nis­cent of the old X‑Men car­toon I watched when I was lit­tle. Props to Mad­house for keep­ing it west­ern. It’s a great adap­ta­tion of the comics and I hon­est­ly can’t wait for the dub. The Japan­ese voic­es are great, but I hon­est­ly can’t imag­ine the X‑Men speak­ing any­thing but Eng­lish, at least as their native tongue.

shota zelos

Tales of Sym­pho­nia Teth­e’al­la Hen (OVA) — 4
All I have to say is: Oh. My. God.

Zelos uses Divine Judg­ment, Lloyd finds out Kratos is his father, Lloyd/Colette EVERYWHERE, Zelos gives his amaz­ing­ly true speech, Zelos shows his emo side dur­ing the scene in the snow, Mithos appears at the end of the episode, etc. *fan­gasms*

So far, the OVA has tak­en a lot lib­er­ties to the RPG’s sto­ry, but I actu­al­ly like their spin on things. The OVA used to be “meh” to me, but after this sto­ry arc, I ADORE it. Part­ly because my favorite char­ac­ter Zelos is por­trayed so well in it and part­ly because it has so much fanser­vice for fans of the game. I’m look­ing for­ward to the The Unit­ed World arc.

I won­der why they did­n’t say any­thing about Zelos using an Angel­ic Hi-Ougi. I mean, it’s not like the angel feath­ers fly­ing around while he was cast­ing the spell sig­ni­fied any­thing about him being an angel. I mean, that’s total non­sense. *rolleyes*

(P.S. In oth­er news, I’ll return to my old blog­ging style towards the end of the sea­son. I’m way too busy with grad­u­a­tion prep and col­lege reg­is­tra­tion to blog about ani­me full-time these days.)

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  1. The fanser­vice in episode three of Hanairo total­ly sur­prised me too, but so far, I’m find­ing it pret­ty classy so I’m fine with it. Any­way, it’s been quite inter­est­ing so far, so that’s good. ^ ^

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