So Far On Hanasaku Iroha…


The series is undoubt­ed­ly unde­cid­ed on what it wants to be at this point, but I do enjoy watch­ing the series. Some­times I wish it was an hour long instead of your stan­dard half-an-hour, since (like I said dur­ing the first three episodes) it reminds me of a live-action Asian dra­ma and the cliffhang­ers are FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF-… like, the two episodes where the land­la­dy is at the hos­pi­tal should have been one episode.

On the ship­ping side of things, I like it how the chicks watch­ing the show don’t find it creepy that mid 20-some­thing Tohru is roman­ti­cal­ly inter­est­ed in 16-year-old Ohana. Good thing for Tohru it’s an ani­me and not a live-action dra­ma, or fans would have been up in his ass a long time ago. 

Lat­est episode shows Ohana hav­ing dreams about that Shin­to Shrine, involv­ing some weird Kit­sune spir­it in the back­ground and Kouichi slow­ly fad­ing away as she slow­ly accepts her role at the Kissu­iso. Real­ly hope that does­n’t sig­ni­fy any­thing neg­a­tive about the pair­ing and just means that Ohana just wants stay at Kissu­iso for the time being, since she’s need­ed there unlike her old home. I mean, just an episode ago she was still think­ing about Kou when­ev­er the curios­i­ty of boys (in that way) came up in her head and got extreme­ly flus­tered when­ev­er he called her. This long-dis­tance thing reminds me of 5cm per Second.

Kou real­ly needs to appear at the Inn at some point, because it would feel very emp­ty if they don’t bring up a prop­er res­o­lu­tion for his con­fes­sion (because he’s a good guy: 1) not hav­ing a con­fes­sion answered to feels like shit 2) being friend­zoned feels like shit 3) WHY DOES THE TUNNEL ALWAYS CUT OFF MY RECEPTION?!).


Also, inb4 the glass­es chick is actu­al­ly Kou’s sister.

Also, Minchi’s grad­u­al­ly warm­ing up to Ohana. How sweet.

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  1. I’m not com­plete­ly caught up with Hanasaku Iro­ha yet, but I do agree. The ani­me seems a lit­tle aim­less at the moment, switch­ing between slice of life and dra­ma. But it seems like things are real­ly get­ting set up with a love poly­gon. That should be real­ly interesting.

    Also, Minchi’s grad­u­al­ly warm­ing up to Ohana. How sweet.”
    Totally. ^ ^

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