First Impressions of Sacred Seven

My ship­per sens­es are tingling.

Com­par­isons on the net that I’ve seen in regards to  Code Geass seem very unfound­ed. Oth­er than the art style look­ing rather sim­i­lar at times and both series being pro­duced by Sun­rise, the series are noth­ing like each oth­er aside from some use of mecha from minor char­ac­ters. Sacred Sev­en reminds me more of a mod­ern take on old school Japan­ese super­heroes such as Cyborg 009 and Kikaider, rather than a rehash of Code Geass.

Sacred Geass Rider Seven hero... thing

The Scarf of Kick­ing Ass is hand­ed down once again.

The first two episodes of Sacred Sev­en give it a very strong start. The main pro­tag­o­nist, Tan­dou­ji Arma, a rather lone­ly yet pur­pose­ly with­drawn boy, slow­ly breaks into his role as a pro­tec­tor in the show’s first two chap­ters. Like­wise, oth­er named char­ac­ters seem to be very rel­e­vant to the main sto­ry and aren’t just there for aes­thet­ic pur­pos­es, as is found in oth­er ani­me cen­tered towards action.

I’m lov­ing the design for Arma’s “hero form”. The design is very rem­i­nis­cent of ear­ly Japan­ese super­heroes, most notably the scarf à la Cyborg 009 and Kamen Rid­er. I would­n’t be sur­prise if Sun­rise took some inspi­ra­tion from Japan’s legion of super­heroes when design­ing his alter­nate form.

Last­ly, Fic­tion­Junc­tion once again pro­vides us with a very cool open­ing song in “stone cold”.

She loves his Sean Connery

She’s lov­ing the Sean Con­nery that he has going down there.

One thought on “First Impressions of Sacred Seven

  1. Hmmm. It does have some poten­tial, but I think the episode could’ve done a lit­tle bet­ter. Oth­er­wise, not a bad start.

    BEST PART ep1: They bought the entire school just to watch Arma. O_O.

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