I’ll be at Fanime 2012

Me on Yume's route

I apol­o­gize for not post­ing much since the mid­dle of last year and AT ALL this year. I’ve been caught up in col­lege. It’s obvi­ous where I’d place pri­or­i­ties, right? And I’ve been play­ing more visu­al nov­els and read­ing man­ga than watch­ing ani­me dur­ing my free time, along with hang­ing out with peo­ple at places that enrich­es my stom­ach. Da Capo II and Lit­tle Busters for the win! Hard to write about ani­me when you’re not watch­ing at the same pace as every­one else right?

Start­ing on May 25, I’ll be going to the 2012 Fanime con­ven­tion tak­ing place at San Jose’s con­ven­tion cen­ter, which con­ve­nient­ly coin­cides with the same day I take a sum­mer break from col­lege. I’m expect­ing to get a good expe­ri­ence from the con­ven­tion. To atone for my bor­der­line aban­don­ment of this blog, I’ll post pic­tures and a write-up of my expe­ri­ences at this year’s Fanime by mooching off any pho­tos my friends take with their cameras. 

One thing I’m expect­ing to see? THE POKEMEN!

Until they get kicked out.

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