A batch of Clannad tributes

Dango Daikazoku forever!

Just a few trib­utes to pos­si­bly one of the sad­dest visu­al nov­el sto­ries ever told, in the form of full open­ing music videos. I hope you enjoy!

(This reminds me, I can’t wait for the trans­la­tion of Key’s new visu­al nov­el Rewrite. Almost time for anoth­er round of emo­tion­al torture!)

2 thoughts on “A batch of Clannad tributes

  1. Aw yeah. The ani­me real­ly did Nag­isa and Ush­io’s route well. Some parts I would say were actu­al­ly bet­ter than the VN, aside from how the ani­me end­ing pales in com­par­i­son to the VN end­ing, in terms of how it was pre­sent­ed to you. Every time I watch that scene in the snow, it nev­er stops being so sad.

    Shame that awe­some girls like Tomoyo got no jus­tice even with her Oth­er World episode. But oth­er than that…
    As long as my oth­er main pal Ushio got all the atten­tion, noth­ing real­ly matters. 😀

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