Fanime Con 2012 Recap, Photos, and Cosplays

Fanime Con 2012

Being a local to San Jose, it was kind of strange for my friends and I to reserve a hotel room for this year’s Fanime Con­ven­tion. But hey, some­times we all need to get away from the house once in a while, right? ^^;; Steven went along too and was, in fact, the brains behind the plan­ning (and pho­tos). What a good guy!

For many of us, it was the first time attend­ing Fanime for the whole week­end. It cer­tain­ly was for me. And I was look­ing for­ward to the event since the begin­ning of the year, so when the day of col­lege finals were over and the days of end­less amounts of cos­play and ani­me were about to begin, I was absolute­ly ecstatic.

Cage of Nendoroids

Four Saiyans and a Kamen Rider

Bot Battle

Kaijin Battle

We got off to a pret­ty rocky start in the pre­reg­is­tra­tion line. It’s a cer­tain fact that stand­ing in a line for over six hours, sur­round­ed by the musk of count­less con-goers in a pow­er out­age, could bring a lot of dis­cour­age­ment to a per­son, but once we got our mem­ber­ship cards, our pro­gram guides, and pock­et sched­ules, we were all set to go (includ­ing a few oth­er big­ots out­side of the hotel group that kept both­er­ing us over the phone even though we were the ones suf­fer­ing in line for them). I think the prob­lem could have been avert­ed, had Fanime not act­ed as if they were still a small con­ven­tion. It’s hon­est­ly become one of the biggest ani­me con­ven­tions in the states, and as such, fans that pre­reg­is­tered should receive their mem­ber­ship cards through the mail instead of wait­ing in a long line. I hope they fix this in lat­er years. ^^;; It was hon­est­ly kind of fun­ny — in the mid­dle of the pow­er out­age, they start­ed hand­ing out free water on lug­gage carts (a very nice ges­ture!), mak­ing it look as if the con­ven­tion cen­ter was a bomb shelter.

Lucky Star

Lucky Star

After the long wait in line, at around 9 or 10 PM, three out of four of my bud­dies (includ­ing me) decid­ed to wash off the exhaus­tion in the Mar­i­ot­t’s pool. Need­less to say, as a per­son who hates pool water, the Mar­i­ot­t’s pool water hap­pens to be the worst I ever swam in. lol

The next day, we head­ed out towards the arcade to kill time until the Poke­mon Men: Mus­cle Hus­tle pan­el. Need­less to say, I love good cos­play, so when I ran into this awe­some Thor cos­play­er, I could­n’t resist ask­ing him for a pic­ture on my cam­era phone. Because the qual­i­ty of the pho­to on my phone is too lack­ing to be post­ed on this blog, I’ll use the pho­tos tak­en on Steven’s dig­i­tal camera.


Note: I am not in the pic­ture, since I was the pho­tog­ra­ph­er — those two are my friends. I don’t view myself as pho­to­genic and my face will for­ev­er remain a mys­tery. xD


We also par­tic­i­pat­ed in Live Chess dur­ing our wait for the Mus­cle Hus­tle. I was a pawn… and through­out the whole game, I did­n’t move an inch. Oh well. The Poke­men pan­el was, of course, hilar­i­ous. You had to be there in order to visu­al­ize the homo­erot­ic and strange things done with the human body. I’m pret­ty sure nobody except for me got the Poke­mon Spe­cial ref­er­ence at the end of their panel. 😛

Mario and Weegi playing Time Crisis
Gangsta Mario

Super Mario FPS

The rest of the day was spent in the Artist Alley and Deal­er’s Hall. I vis­it­ed those places the most often, every­day, because of the awe­some selec­tion of import­ed art-books, plushies, and fig­ures. Too bad none of the deal­ers had light nov­els! Unfor­tu­nate­ly, com­ing from a fam­i­ly struck with appar­ent per­pet­u­al pover­ty that is always in need of my mon­ey, I did­n’t have much of a bud­get to buy many things. In the process, Steven end­ed up buy­ing more ani­me-relat­ed swag than I did, which is strange phe­nom­e­non due to me being the ani­me freak. Need­less to say, I was jelly.

Mayo Chiki

On Sat­ur­day, in the ear­ly morn­ing, we caught a screen­ing of Mayo Chi­ki! I actu­al­ly nev­er got around to watch­ing this ani­me until that moment, and I was sur­prised at how fun­ny it was. I’m rather dis­ap­point­ed that it’s only 13 episodes though — that’s nev­er a good length for an adap­ta­tion of an ongo­ing light nov­el series. Nev­er­the­less, I plan to watch the rest of the show at home. As for the rest of the trip, we also got around to watch­ing Detroit Met­al City (the fun­ni­est ani­me EVER), The Mys­tic Archives of Dan­talion (DALIA = AWESOME), and the Rebuild of Evan­ge­lion movies. Yes, the ones where Shin­ji gets it on with his Not-Mom Girl­friend. The ani­me screen­ings were awe­some except for the typ­i­cal prob­lems that come with watch­ing films with dozens of oth­er peo­ple in the room — you get the loud obnox­ious guy that just can’t shut up dur­ing the ani­me (thanks for spoil­ing the taser scene in Mayo Chi­ki! for me, jack­ass!) and peo­ple that just can’t stop clap­ping dur­ing a movie. It’s not like the movie’s going to bow to you, guys.



Oth­er events I went to include the pan­el host­ed by Yoto­ka Mamoru, the ani­ma­tion direc­tor and char­ac­ter design­er for var­i­ous ani­me such as Death Note and Shin Mazinger Shōge­ki! Z‑Hen, and the Uni­ver­sal Gun­dam Vs. Oth­er Gun­dam pan­el. Appar­ent­ly, Yoto­ka-san believes that Japan is stranger than Amer­i­ca (xD) and val­ues a strong work eth­ic in the ani­ma­tion indus­try. He also cooked Chi­nese food as a chef before he became an illus­tra­tor. The Gun­dam pan­el was very infor­ma­tive and demon­strat­ed the clear dif­fer­ences between the often Super Robot Gun­dam Mul­ti­verse and the orig­i­nal real­is­tic Uni­ver­sal Cen­tu­ry Gun­dam universe.

Valkyr­ia Chronicles

The ele­va­tors in the hotel were an absolute tor­ture. Some­times it got so packed that you were forced to use the stairs — which, in all hon­est­ly, isn’t all that much trou­bling as long as its a trip down. 1:00 AM, Sun­day morn­ing, my friends and I were so bored that we resort­ed to hang­ing out around the ele­va­tors just to observe the sad, sad faces of the pas­sen­gers that went through our floor. In the process, we met some cool British guy, who remind­ed me of The Doc­tor, that informed us of the sex­u­al activ­i­ties that went on in the Mar­i­ot­t’s jacuzzi that he had the unfor­tu­nate hon­or of wit­ness­ing on Sat­ur­day night. Ew.


More Awesome Touhou Cosplay

Awe­some Touhou Cosplayers

On a per­son­al lev­el, I had a great time at Fanime 2012 and plan on mak­ing atten­dance there a year­ly thing for me. I was a tad dis­ap­point­ed that this year was sup­pos­ed­ly one of the so-so years over­all, though. It was fun, but I can see where they’re com­ing from. One dis­ap­point­ment comes from the fact that I could­n’t get into the GAINAX pan­el because it was full. There was lit­er­al­ly a line that looped mul­ti­ple times around the hall­ways and there was only thir­ty-or-so chairs left in the pan­el room… there was no way any of us would be let in, so my friends and I decid­ed to leave the con­ven­tion ear­ly with­out attend­ing the clos­ing cer­e­monies because the padding would have been two more hours of doing noth­ing. Still, it was a fun expe­ri­ence, and as long as the staff behind Fanime treats the con as a large con next year, every­thing will be even bet­ter than this year, which turned out to be a blast. The streets of Down­town San Jose was lit­er­al­ly packed with con-goers and cos­play­ers — proof enough that the con­ven­tion is get­ting big­ger and big­ger every year. One of the fun­ni­est out-of-con­ven­tion moments for me was when an old lady had the most bewil­dered “is this some kind of new cult?” face when she saw the local McDon­alds being over­run by cos­play­ers — priceless!

We end­ed Fanime on a good note, though. There were Chris­t­ian preachers/protestors out­side hold­ing signs that said “FEAR GOD” and spew­ing a ton of bull on their mega­phones. Sup­pos­ed­ly, they appear every time there’s an event at the San Jose Con­ven­tion Cen­ter (do they do any­thing else with their lives?). They were harass­ing the con-goers all week­end long. So we decid­ed to test if there was any type of ratio­nal­ism behind their words by actu­al­ly attempt­ing to start a civ­il dis­cus­sion with them instead of curs­ing them out or telling them to fuck off — turns out it was futile, so my friend turned on the siren on their mega­phone in the mid­dle of one of their rants and we were told to leave the area by one of the rovers. That was def­i­nite­ly the high­light of Mon­day at Fanime, every­one in the area was laugh­ing their ass­es off at the stunt he pulled. xD We’ll get around to post­ing up the video of that, someday.

Doctor Who

Doc­tor Who

Asian lion

Asian Lion

ARts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts. 😛


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