Let’s Nyaa! \(・ω・)/


I did­n’t expect an ani­me cen­tered around the Cthu­lu Mythos to be this moé, nor have a bunch of ref­er­ences to Kamen Rid­er, Poke­mon, and Gun­dam. Seri­ous­ly, the fact that I can rec­og­nize more than half of the ref­er­ences made in each episode should be a sign of unhealthiness.

So far, the show has been thor­ough­ly enter­tain­ing me and-… HOLY CRAP, THAT WAS A BOY? Yeah, this series is a ref­er­ence over­dose, is a moé over­dose, has aliens, is a shou­ta haven, is a mon­stros­i­ty haven, con­tains as much homo­sex­u­al­i­ty as it does het­ero­sex­u­al­i­ty, and is a par­o­dy of every­thing. How is this not turn­ing into a trainwreck?

I love it and I don’t care what any­one else says about it. And dammit, that open­ing theme is an ear­worm! UN NYAA, UN NYAAUN NYAAAAA DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN LET’S NYAA (seri­ous­ly, how do you hear “Let’s go!” in THAT?)!

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