Accel World — First impressions

Rise up young boy and make yourself a legend

As a part of my ani­me-marathon craze dur­ing the onset of sum­mer vaca­tion, I’m about four episodes into Accel World. So far, the con­cept of escap­ing real­i­ty into a vir­tu­al world isn’t some­thing I haven’t seen before nor is the sto­ry itself impres­sive, but it has a strong start in regards to pre­sent­ing the set­ting in an under­stand­able way and isn’t a bad show by all means. The ani­ma­tion is top-notch and there has­n’t been any­thing I have any par­tic­u­lar prob­lems with so far.

Right now, I’m rather enjoy­ing it over­all. One aspect of the ani­me that has impressed me so far is the fact that the main char­ac­ter, Ari­ta Haruyu­ki, is not only shown to be a with­drawn char­ac­ter with low self-esteem, he is drawn in such a way that makes his sit­u­a­tion more believ­able com­pared to oth­er “bul­lied” char­ac­ters (albeit in an exag­ger­at­ed way) — he is short, round, and fat, as opposed to some of those melo­dra­mat­ic bishies that are promi­nent in Japan­ese media. It’s this fact alone that led me to try­ing out the ani­me in the first place.

Tall Girl Short Guy

Kuroyuk­i­hime is awesome. ^^

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