Hyouka 07


Very enjoy­able episode this week, except for the mas­sive dose of female fanser­vice, which is enjoy­able for the females I suppose. 😛

A sim­ple hot springs episode made inter­est­ing by Hyou­ka stan­dards. This week’s mys­tery basi­cal­ly revolved around the decon­struc­tion of local ghost sto­ries. Despite being big on mys­tery shows revolv­ing around loud con­spir­a­cies, I find myself to be enjoy­ing the ani­me’s episod­ic focus on qui­et, sub­tle, and some­what reg­u­lar mys­ter­ies that can be solved with a bit of high­er thinking.

Tasteful Erotica

The ani­ma­tion real­ly shows its class this week. So far, it’s high­ly rem­i­nis­cence of Hanasaku Iro­ha (coin­ci­den­tal­ly, this week’s episode also takes place at a hot spring inn). It’s easy to iden­ti­fy the ani­ma­tion as some­thing done by Kyoto Ani­ma­tion, but what they’re doing with Hyou­ka still feels quite dif­fer­ent from their norm. Kyoto Ani­ma­tion tak­ing some cues from P.A. Works? ;D

Dat Ponytail

Dat Pony­tail

I found it amus­ing how sub­tle yet obvi­ous Orek­i’s attrac­tion to Chi­tan­da is, despite her high ener­gy out­put ver­sus his ener­gy conservatism.

That out-of-shape body could­n’t take the heat of the high­ly sen­su­al fan­tasies of her creamy white skin deep­ing itself into that hot and steamy bath. Need­less to say, his body is not ready.

Say what!

On Chi­tan­da’s side of things, I can see it, but I’m not sure if want­i­ng to be in a mixed bath with Ore­ki is just a prod­uct of inno­cence or her KI NI NARIMASU.


Not Sunohara

I haven’t thought about it much until now, but hear­ing Sak­aguchi Daisuke voic­ing a human being with a func­tion­al brain for once is real­ly something.

He has his air­head moments, but so far, Satoshi def­i­nite­ly isn’t the Butt Mon­key best friend like Wataru from Da Capo II. He’s cer­tain­ly the equiv­a­lent of Mio’s Rit­su to Ore­ki, though. He even looks the part.



Both of my par­ents have dia­betes. This isn’t a good sign for me.

Imouto Moe

Yeah, I’m gonna die. DAAAAAAW radar going off the scale.

Being a per­son who has a healthy rela­tion­ship with his sib­lings, I can total­ly see where Chi­tan­da’s desire for her own kyoudai comes from.

(In oth­er news, I vould have got­ten this post up sev­en hours pri­or, but appar­ent­ly the serv­er was der­p­ing out.)

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