Accel World 08 & 09

There’s no way my lit­tle sis­ter can be this cute!

The sec­ond Red King, Yuniko Kouzu­ki (Scar­let Rain), is intro­duced and she turns out to be a very cute, but most­ly yan­gire, loli. I approve.


Noth­ing par­tic­u­lar­ly inter­est­ing hap­pens, although these two episodes seem to set up a plot line in which Haruyu­ki has doubts about their legion’s goal and who their ene­my real­ly is. See­ing as Yuniko appears in the end­ing along with “the bounc­er”, Aqua Cur­rent, it’s safe to say that she’s (some­how) going to become some­what of a recur­ring ally.

What can I say? HNNNNNNG

I mean, c’mon Taku­mu. How can such an awe­some loli pos­si­bly be an ene­my?

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