Haiyore! Nyaruko-san 09

This is becoming one, right?

Typ­i­cal body switch episode. When you’ve seen it on Shaku­gan no Shana, you’ve seen it on all of ’em. This show is so mind­less it hurts.

No notable Japan­ese pup-cul­ture ref­er­ences that I can men­tion, aside from that one scene that looked sus­pi­cious­ly like Code Geass. All I can say is that this episode is a great exam­ple of destroy­ing the sus­pen­sion of dis­be­lief when it comes to “straight” ani­me MCs. And I’ll name all them in one post.


1) Mahi­ro, why do you refuse the Nyaruko dakimu­ra…

…with Nyaruko in it? ),:

Demonic abominations knows the fetishes that can take a man down

2) Mahi­ro, why do you refuse the sexy Megan­neko right in front of you?



2a) Nyaruko, why do you refuse the sexy Megan­neko twin­tails right in front of you?


Ah! Female! IT BURNS!

3) Mahi­ro, why aren’t you look­ing? Or touch­ing? Or any­thing?

Hell, you could use a fork if you want to! Any­thing!

So far, the only ratio­nal excuse Mahi­ro can give to us, the hum­ble view­ers, is the fact that Nyaruko is the Crawl­ing Chaos and will there­fore sprout ten­ta­cles at any giv­en moment.


Er, nev­er mind, I guess it’s kind of rea­son­able.

2 thoughts on “Haiyore! Nyaruko-san 09

  1. ooh… sud­den­ly know­ing that this episode is a body switch episode makes me feel excit­ed in watch­ing it :3 I real­ly need to get my hands on this episode (although I still need to watch the last cou­ple of episodes before this x_x)!

  2. @black­sheep: Seems like the body switch is still there for episode 10. How’s that for a lucky day for you? 😛

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