Hyouka 08

Only Houtaro realizes how silly these mysteries are

This week on mys­tery-lite, the gang watch­es a pret­ty amus­ing attempt at a Noroi (or maybe, Blair Witch Project)-esque film. I give props for con­vey­ing how ridicu­lous­ly flat act­ing for a school movie could be.

Hey guys, I found a sev­ered arm on the floor!”


Fun­ny thing about Hyou­ka is the fact that if there is no solu­tion to a mys­tery or strong char­ac­ter inter­ac­tion with­in an episode, it’s pret­ty easy to sum­ma­rize in one sen­tence. It’s not like Lucky Star or K‑ON! where mul­ti­ple things hap­pen at once in an episode regard­less if it’s sig­nif­i­cant or not. I can cer­tain­ly under­stand why it isn’t the cup of tea for some peo­ple, but I (for one) am look­ing for­ward to the next episode where Houtarou deducts who the cul­prit in the film is.

Because I have a feel­ing it’s going to be extreme­ly elab­o­rate. I won­der how sick the scriptwriter must be that they sim­ply can’t just ask her about it?

Shut up and watch the movie

A pret­ty weak episode, since it’s Hyou­ka and feels like only half of a whole episode con­sid­er­ing what we were giv­en before (this whole episode served as a set-up for the next one, after all). I’m sure the next one will be mild­ly inter­est­ing, though.

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