Accel World 10

Repeat to yourselfL Don't get too excited over an elementary schooler! ):

So yeah, it’s obvi­ous that Niko is no real ene­my, since it’s revealed that she also wants to hit lev­el 10 and has no attach­ment to the pre­vi­ous king. Good thing too, since her inter­ac­tion with Nega Neb­u­lus is becom­ing one of the more amus­ing things about the show. 

When­ev­er you want to spice things up, just add a loli. The grand solu­tion to most of the world’s problems. 😛


It’s inter­est­ing that the neu­tral zone turns the game into a cyber­punk Mon­ster Hunter hybrid. And here I was think­ing “Brain Burst” was just a Pow­er Stone ripoff!

These fat fetishists are driibng me nuts

Don’t wor­ry, Taku, I would lose con­fi­dence in myself too if the cute loli and the black-haired princess would rather fight over the fat kid than me.

Kuroyu­ki-hime get­ting jeal­ous over a fifth grad­er is so much of a stretch it hurts. 

Even his avatar has an evil smirk!

As for the Yel­low King, this clown guy reeks of bad mojo. Ani­me clowns always turn out to be giant jerks, after all. I would­n’t be sur­prised if he turns out to be a manip­u­la­tive bas­tard like Otogi’s dad from Yuu☆gi☆ou.

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