Hyouka 09



The high­light of this episode was def­i­nite­ly Chi­tan­da get­ting drunk off of whiskey candy.

No, seri­ous­ly. xD

While Hyou­ka’s log­i­cal bab­ble should real­ly be the defin­ing trait of the show, I find myself enjoy­ing Chi­tan­da’s “refined” ditzy antics more than any­thing else.


Need some help there, bro?

Rather than solv­ing mys­ter­ies, this episode focus­es on lis­ten­ing to the pro­duc­tion team’s the­o­ries and watch­ing Ore­ki refute them. In a way, I guess find­ing holes in var­i­ous ideas is a great way of com­ing up with new ones. Espe­cial­ly since they obtained some new infor­ma­tion Ace Attor­ney-style.

The cuteness, how could you not say yes?

To be hon­est, Sawakiguchi’s hor­ror idea sounds like good alter­na­tive if there isn’t any oth­er way to find out the real end­ing. Gath­er­ing from what was said in the episode, the ad libi­tum dur­ing the film­ing might real­ly con­tra­dict what was intend­ed in the script. Not to men­tion, fak­ing some Noroi inspi­ra­tion would kind of excuse the awful cam­era work.


While I loved how they went over the scene of the crime and the envi­ron­men­t’s func­tion­al­i­ty in regards to a mur­der, I still don’t see why they could­n’t just ask Hon­gou. She’s ill, but as long as she isn’t dead or in a coma, I don’t see any prob­lems ask­ing her.

3 thoughts on “Hyouka 09

  1. I’ve been think­ing the same thing. They could just ask Hon­gou who the cul­prit is and write the script themselves. 

    On anoth­er side, I actu­al­ly thought that after they hear the staff’s the­o­ry, Ore­ki will final­ly share his the­o­ry but I guess that’ll be for anoth­er episode x_x

  2. @black­sheep: I sort of half-expect­ed it to end at this episode too, but I also kind of like the fact that this mys­tery is a three parter. Much bet­ter than get­ting anoth­er one-episode “why was my teacher angry?” mys­tery. lol

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