Haiyore! Nyaruko-san 11

Ghutatan desu!

a love­craft­ian loli is fine too

Eldritch abom­i­na­tions now come in a loli variety!

One word: HNNNNNG

No seri­ous­ly, tak­ing the most hideous abom­i­na­tion from the Cthu­lu Mythos and turn­ing it into the cutest thing that ever graced human­i­ty is just… wrong. The cutest immo­bi­lizes me. I guess it goes with­out say­ing in this ani­me, though, right?

But if Nyaruko’s true form real­ly is The Crawl­ing Chaos, then Ghutatan… ew, does this mean that loli­cons will indulge them­selves in both loli and cos­mic bes­tial­i­ty? This may be a bad idea after all…

God damn blue shell!

God damned blue shell!

N64?! B-…but Call of Cthul­hu: Dark Cor­ners of the Earth was on the PC!

Oh wait, it looks like they’re play­ing Mario Kart 64. Nyaruko’s prob­a­bly play­ing as Peach, mean­ing Kuuko is prob­a­bly play­ing as Mario. I’m guess­ing Hasu­ta is Toad. If it were a Game­Cube and they were play­ing Mario Kart: Dou­ble Dash!!, I would have pegged him as a Toad­ette (or more appro­pri­ate­ly, Bir­do) kind of guy.


Nyaruko, being a fanat­ic of Japan­ese enter­tain­ment, is ful­ly aware that the arrival of a loli is a bad omen in terms of her role as a poten­tial mate.


Cyclone! METAAARU!

Nyaruko trans­forms into a Kamen Rid­er ref­er­ence so she can kill a cou­ple of Shog­goths that are spout­ing out Kamen Rid­er references.

Count­ing the amount of Kamen Rid­er ref­er­ences this series has made so far, I’d say the per­son who wrote this sto­ry must love Kamen Rid­er as much as I do.





It would been a shock­ing and dark tweest if Ghutatan end­ed up actu­al­ly dying, at least for this ani­me. Nyaruko will have a men­tal break­down Anno-style and the whole world would be destroyed. Such a dark tweeest indeed.

Well, seems like Mahi­ro is for­ev­er alone in the next episode.

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