Accel World 11


Damn, Taku went out like a badass. 

This episode was pret­ty much all fight­ing with some plot reveals here and there. My biggest gripe is that the episode relied most­ly on shounen clichés. Well, it IS a fight­ing ani­me that feels more shounen than harem (as some peo­ple clas­si­fy it), imo.

Kuroyu­ki-hime’s reac­tion to her weak­ness was pret­ty melo­dra­mat­ic — a real­ly bad excuse for her to be out of com­mis­sion for over half of the episode. And the method to bring her back to her feet was the typ­i­cal “Snap out of it! Is this what you real­ly want?” speech thing that hap­pens a lot of shounen man­ga. It’s not nec­es­sar­i­ly a bad thing if it’s exe­cut­ed well, but this was not one of those times. At least, in my opinion.

My pre­dic­tion that the Yel­low King would be one of those manip­u­la­tive bas­tard ani­me clowns turned out to be cor­rect. And thank­ful­ly enough, he gets offed at the end of the episode.

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