Hyouka 10

What? I'm only in the peisode for 20 seconds?

Not much Chin­tan­da or her “kin­i­nari­ma­su!” in this episode, but the char­ac­ter devel­op­ment for Houtarou sort of makes up for it.

Sort of.

But I'm a lazy bastard!.

Houtarou sud­den­ly gets a moti­va­tion for once, and actu­al­ly tries to solve the mys­tery because he gen­uine­ly wants to. Seems like the mag­i­cal words were “you’re spe­cial”.

He was even encour­ag­ing Satoshi by telling him that he could become a Grade‑A Sher­lock­ian if he “real­ly tried.” What hap­pened to the snarky ener­gy con­ser­va­tion­ist we all knew and loved?! I’m inter­est­ed in where this is going, since this is the first time we’ve seen char­ac­ter devel­op­ment in this show since, well, it began.

Hidden depths

Satoshi shows some hid­den appre­hen­sion to Houtaro’s grow­ing aware­ness of his tal­ent (that is, his pow­er of deduction).

Seems like Satoshi’s char­ac­ter had more going for it than the hap­py-go-lucky best friend arche­type. I won­der if they’ll explore these envi­ous feel­ings in future episodes.

Philip, is that you

What is this? Kamen Rid­er W?

And of course, I was­n’t too far off with my Noroi/Blair Witch Project ref­er­ences in my pre­vi­ous posts. There was indeed a char­ac­ter hold­ing the cam­era, and in typ­i­cal mock­u­men­tary fash­ion, this would explain why the cam­era was extreme­ly shaky and reeked of home­made movie. There was a sev­enth char­ac­ter in the movie, which is the cam­era­man, and he turns out to be the mur­der. Well, what a tweest!

But, oh right, the rope prop is nev­er explained, which Maya­ka brings up at the end of the episode. I won­der how Houtarou feels about mak­ing a slip-up dur­ing one of the only times where he actu­al­ly want­ed to solve a mystery?

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