Cardcaptor Sakura 【HD Rewatch】 01

The start of a magical legend

It does­n’t mat­ter if it’s the first, sec­ond, or tenth time. Watch­ing the first episode of Card­cap­tor Saku­ra and start­ing the series up again will always be a mag­i­cal expe­ri­ence! JOIN ME IN RELIVING MY CHILDHOOD

If there’s one mem­o­rable scene from the first episode that reap­pears through­out the first sea­son, it’s that shot of Saku­ra’s pre­cog­ni­tive dream sequence where she’s stand­ing in front of the Tokyo Tow­er. Def­i­nite­ly an ani­ma­tion high­light of late 90s shou­jo, or ani­me in general.

I'm not a monster!

I’m not a monster!”

Haha! Touya and Saku­ra’s sib­ling inter­ac­tion is still as cute as ever. They bick­er so much, but they obvi­ous­ly care for each other.

The slice-of-life por­tions of this ani­me were, and still are, the best because of the awe­some characters.


I’m def­i­nite­ly a 100% Syao­ran and Saku­ra per­son, but Saku­ra’s crush on Yuk­i­to is admit­ted­ly very cute. 😛

Not to men­tion that, in way, this crush makes the Syaoran/Sakura thing a lit­tle more mean­ing­ful and cute lat­er on.

Tomoyo's lesbian antics <3

We’ve had girls like Mugi from K‑ON! or Mami from Puel­la Magi Mado­ka Mag­i­ca that give off very sim­i­lar vibes, but none of them can ever beat Tomoyo when it comes to being an absolute­ly awe­some ojou char­ac­ter. Espe­cial­ly with her obses­sion with her best friend.

It gets espe­cial­ly amus­ing when she starts mak­ing Saku­ra’s bat­tle out­fits in sub­se­quent episodes. (;

Heads up


I always won­dered if these pre­mo­ni­tions served to make Saku­ra’s clum­si­ness more pro­nounced rather than fore­shad­ow her fate as the most pow­er­ful magi­cian in the CLAMP mul­ti­verse. ;P

Take the iniative!

When hear­ing mon­strous sounds and mur­murs com­ing from your base­ment, always remem­ber that a cheer­leader baton will always be the most effective!

You know, it’s the lit­tle things that get me right in the heart when it comes to anime.

Saku­ra try­ing to sound-out the word “Windy” was just too cute beyond words. Not only was it cute, but the voice act­ing made her seem like a real fourth grad­er while strug­gling to read the let­ters, bring­ing her char­ac­ter to life even fur­ther. Props to Saku­ra Tange for her awe­some per­for­mance in this series.




Sor­ry about that. Even to this day, I just love mak­ing fun of that god for­sak­en mas­sacre of a dub.

C’mon guys, it was even worse than the 4Kids One Piece dub. How is that even possible?


can i has stuffing?

KERO-CHAN! Oh how I missed your Osakan accent. And nowa­days I can dis­tin­guish it pret­ty eas­i­ly since I have a much bet­ter grasp of the Japan­ese lan­guage and dialect than before.

The last time I heard Aya Hisakawa as Kero was in that ter­ri­ble Tsub­asa Chron­i­cle filler (post-Card­cap­tor Saku­ra, at least). Talk about leav­ing the role on a bad mem­o­ry! I demand that MADHOUSE ani­mate us a fun lit­tle Card­cap­tor Saku­ra OVA, right this instant!


Falling asleep for thir­ty years?

Thank god he was­n’t guard­ing a Sealed Evil in a Can!





Be hap­py it was­n’t Kyubey, Saku­ra-chan. ;D

Kenshin has some competition

Only Saku­ra Kinomo­to can beat Ken­shin Himu­ra when it comes to awe­some swirly eyes.


You see that?



This is how you animate battles, Pokemon Animation People

She does a jump flip onto Fly while skat­ing on a wall, and then pro­ceeds to sum­mon Windy and restrains Fly from all cor­ners — with the best song ever play­ing in the back­ground (seri­ous­ly, the Clow Cap­ture theme is one of the most mem­o­rable tracks in an ani­me I’ve ever lis­tened to).

Saku­ra is the most adorable and badass mag­i­cal girl that has ever graced ani­me with her pres­ence — and at this point she does­n’t even know it! xD

why does this anime look so pretty ohmygod



And Fly is cap­tured! These sequences are real­ly pret­ty. What’s unique about CCS for a mag­i­cal girl ani­me of its time is that, even after the first episode, it nev­er devolves into stock footage. All of the “Release!” and card cap­ture sequences are all rean­i­mat­ed each time because of Saku­ra’s ever-chang­ing-wardrobe (con­trast this to ani­me char­ac­ters who only wear one out­fit per season/cour).

Today’s ani­ma­tion stu­dios need to learn a thing or two from MADHOUSE! Well, aside from cer­tain physics from a cer­tain zom­bie ani­me, but that has noth­ing to do with how awe­some Card­cap­tor Saku­ra is!

I believe I can fly!

And Saku­ra flies off into the sky with her new­ly-cap­tured friend, whose pow­ers become very nifty in sub­se­quent episodes. ;D


The reason why this show is educational to children =)

Ah, Leave it to Kero-chan! I used to love these seg­ments back then (still do). I always enjoyed it when­ev­er he went into the details con­cern­ing Saku­ra’s bat­tle out­fits — remind­ing the view­ers that aside from being cute, they serve actu­al functions! 😛

I bet you, when this first aired, Kero-chan’s talk about school uni­forms got kids pumped about start­ing school. xD



2 thoughts on “Cardcaptor Sakura 【HD Rewatch】 01

  1. I unfor­tu­nate­ly missed out on Card­cap­tor Saku­ra when it aired, but I’ve been great­ly enjoy­ing watch­ing it (spo­rad­i­cal­ly) this past year or so. I real­ly need to just fin­ish it some time, but I kind of like tak­ing my time with it too. It’s such a sweet, won­der­ful show, and is liv­ing proof that kids’ shows don’t have to be stu­pid and obnox­ious. This is sol­id enter­tain­ment for all ages. I hope to one day own the series… Kind of a tough find right now, though! x_x

    1. @Cholisose: I whole­heart­ed­ly agree! Shows like this are proof that the qual­i­ty of kids’ shows should­n’t be held at a low stan­dard, ani­me or not. Grew up with this, Bat­man: TAS, Mis­ter Rodgers, Arthur and Blue’s Clues and would love if my future chil­dren had access to that kind of enter­tain­ment on tele­vi­sion rather than a bunch of shows that talk down to them. Par­ents will also have some­thing to enjoy when they sit down with them.

      Also, if it’s worth any­thing, the SD indi­vid­ual discs are still wide­ly avail­able on Ama­zon, but the boxsets are indeed hard to find nowa­days. There’s also the two man­ga antholo­gies that’s on sale on Right­stuf, which is slight­ly dif­fer­ent from the ani­me so you won’t feel like you are going through the same series twice. Let me tell you though, the Saku­ra Book sets on Ama­zon and the Japan­ese Blu­ray set are insane­ly expen­sive. @_@

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