Accel World 12


This was a great devel­op­ment episode for Niko, real­iz­ing that rela­tion­ships in the game don’t have to remain the same in real life. Can’t get enough of this yan­gire loli! Too bad we don’t get a clear look at Cher­ry Rook in real life though, just actu­al­ly SEE how close they were in real life. Kind of makes you feel as if that they’re doing every­thing pos­si­ble to keep Haruyuk­i’s “harem” con­fined to just him. Which is kind of unre­al­is­tic, in my opin­ion. Although, if they were real­ly doing that, I guess it would­n’t be that dif­fer­ent from the whole Chiyuri thing. Poor guys, girl­friends can’t get enough of Pig­gy for some rea­son. xD


It’s noth­ing”, my ass, Haruyu­ki! If you’re feel­ing some­thing omi­nous, LET YOUR FRIENDS KNOW ABOUT IT! One of the worst thing that hap­pens in ani­me are because of those accursed words! I won­der how this will go down, with Chrome Dis­as­ter’s par­a­site now liv­ing in the Sil­ver Crow avatar.

Also, Yel­low Radio actu­al­ly lives. Welp. But wait, the XP gain would have been bad, no?

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