Cardcaptor Sakura 【HD Rewatch】 03

The days of youth.

Saku­ra’s “first date”

And she sure is hap­py about it! ;P

Pengy-san for the win!

Cute pen­guins and their cute antics, it induces cute reac­tions from the cute Sakura.

Obvi­ous­ly the key adjec­tive here is “cute.”

Touya shows his GAR

My hero!

Touya shows just how GAR he can be by sub­du­ing the Watery with his bare hands.

This episode is also the first episode in which we see one of Touya’s MANY jobs. Man, this dude must have a lot on his tésumé. xD

The Kero swagger

This kid has an awe­some pen­guin hat, but he does­n’t have the same aura of SWAGGER as Kero. 😛

No kitchen jokes!

Saku­ra’s such an inde­pen­dent kid. I mean, seri­ous­ly, peo­ple would kill to have a child with a clear sense of responsibility.

She’s able to cook for her­self, is will­ing to do house­hold chores when she’s told to, and she’s charged with the task of col­lect­ing the Clow Cards! What a busy girl.

It's not like I'm worried about you or anything

I just love it how Touya’s jobs sus­pi­cious­ly coin­cide with where ever Saku­ra hap­pens to be at at each episode. He does have his own goal with mak­ing mon­ey to pay for col­lege, but that’s obvi­ous­ly not his only rea­son for tak­ing up so many jobs. xD

Ways to ruin a person's day

Well now, that’s one way to ruin Saku­ra’s date…

Example of a good big brother

Minecraft taight me that having extra tools comes in handy

Touya’s con­ve­nient employ­ment and emer­gency axes for­tu­nate­ly save the day. xD

Mission Start

You know she’s come up with an unstop­pable plan when she’s mak­ing this face.

A real mermaid!

Oi, that’s kind of scary.

Much better lol

Much bet­ter. 😀 Now she’s a work of art.

Syaoran-kun!, Yukito-san!

And now the Aquar­i­um and its inhab­i­tants, most impor­tant­ly the PENGUINS (:D), are safe. But of course, due to her being heart-struck and also a mod­est girl, Saku­ra gives all the cred­it for the great freez­er idea to Yukito.

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