Cardcaptor Sakura 【HD Rewatch】 04

How can that possibly cause a gloomy day?

Rain, rain, go away, come again everyday ♫

No, seri­ous­ly. Some of the Clow Cards look way too adorable to be the sources of abnor­mal cat­a­stro­phes. xD;;

Do your chores, kids

I can­not stop stress­ing how much Fuji­ta­ka and Nadeshiko were blessed with such a good daugh­ter (every­one has such good chil­dren). Although she want­ed to go on a pic­nic with Tomoya, she keeps her word about doing Touya’s share of the house­hold chores with­out try­ing to shirk them.

I real­ly do hope that the kids who watched this in Japan grew up as polite and respon­si­ble as Sakura!

Poor Kero xD

Poor Kero fell into the wash­ing machine. 😛

Ah crud

Awesome costume as usual

And poor Saku­ra’s hard work was almost ruined by a god damned tree. 

The Wood card brings back mem­o­ries of a cer­tain bad trans­la­tion I found in some CCS fan­sub episode. Real­ly, call­ing it “The Woody” when it clear­ly said “THE WOOD” on the card? Seri­ous­ly, woody?

Always write your name on your stuff

Most impor­tant plot point in the episode (besides the obvi­ous cap­ture of cards) is the fact that Saku­ra has to write her name on her Clow Cards in order to ful­ly tame them. Reminds to me take a good look at Syao­ran’s cards when he enters the scene, just to see how the Japan­ese ani­me spells his name. I nev­er real­ly paid atten­tion to it. xD

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