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That’s right folks! JAST has released the very infa­mous School Days visu­al nov­el for all the pub­lic to see! So grab your blan­ket and sad-faces, right? Every­one knows how this is going to go! Every­one has seen this damn ani­me, so nat­u­ral­ly, the visu­al nov­el is prob­a­bly going to be equal­ly as dis­turb­ing! I bet every­one who is prob­a­bly avoid­ing this visu­al nov­el, as if it’s been infect­ed with the black plague, is prob­a­bly won­der­ing who in their damn right minds would play the gore-fest hor­ror-sto­ry that is School Days.

…Except, not really.

Want to know how this went? Long sto­ry short, it went fine. No, I’m seri­ous. It went fine. And I’m sure a ton of peo­ple read­ing this is going to call me a liar, but I promise! No shenani­gans. Seri­ous­ly. This was hon­est­ly the most anti-cli­mac­tic expe­ri­ence I think I ever had. So, if it went fine, I bet you’re won­der­ing what this post is about then? Well, it’s hon­est­ly half a review, half a rant. So, let’s get this started!

Accu­rate depic­tion of peo­ple hear­ing about School Days.

What in the ever lov­ing fuck!?

And I mean that in the most shocked way pos­si­ble. How do peo­ple get bad end­ings in this? HOW?! I had to go to a walk­through to see the crazy bad end­ings. Real­ly. The stig­ma behind this game is some of the stu­pid­est shit I have ever come to expe­ri­ence when talk­ing to peo­ple. It baf­fles me. And it kind of makes me hate the damn ani­me. This whole thing is just… frus­trat­ing. I’m hon­est­ly annoyed just writ­ing this damn arti­cle, but we’re going to go ahead and go with it anyway.

Let’s get it start­ed here. Mako­to. At the begin­ning, he’s some super shy guy with a hope­less crush on a girl on the train. Stalk­er-ish? Yeah. And then Sekai, clear­ly want­i­ng the Mako­to-Man­juice, come’s around and helps him solve his shy woes and to go get the girl! Sekai kiss­es him, dra­ma hap­pens, peo­ple cry. Etc.

Skip through the rest of it, and.. noth­ing. My first run through of School Days end­ed up with me peace­ful­ly in a hotel room with Kotono­ha, end­ing with noth­ing but moe and love, with Sekai obvi­ous­ly sad but with no will to kill some­thing, some­one, or her­self. That’s it. Noth­ing fuck­ing crazy hap­pened except Taisuke was a bit of a shithead.

Oh,” I thought. “That was inter­est­ing. I guess I missed something.”

And appar­ent­ly I kept miss­ing it. Again. And again. And again.

It’s like you have to TRY to fuck this up.

Accu­rate depic­tion of some­one see­ing the ani­me School Days.

So, here we have a visu­al nov­el with arguably some of the most mem­o­rable and real­is­tic bad end­ings around. Yes, real­is­tic. Crazy ex-girl­friend killing her­self in depres­sion or some­one else in rage is not some­thing that isn’t heard of. The real­i­ty of that might be the most scary thing about School Days in gen­er­al. It’s not out of thought process and it’s not some­thing you wouldn’t see in the news. That’s the freaki­est part for me, some­one else may dis­agree. Some­one else might find the bad end­ings of a girl split­ting her skull open after jump­ing off a build­ing the scari­est part. Bah. Don’t be a wuss.

So Wah­fuu!” you might ask, “Why are you so mad?”

Oh, I’ll tell you why I’m mad.

That damn ani­me and hon­est­ly put such a stig­ma on this VN that it’s going to be hard to ever see any­thing besides the bad end­ings. And that bugs me. Remem­ber, every­one, this entire game is meant to be a decon­struc­tion of the harem genre. And in my opin­ion it’s a fair­ly accu­rate and rather real­is­tic one. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, not all MCs are the best guys in the world, so much so that they are beyond human, and not all females react to com­pe­ti­tion with cute jeal­ousy. If you attempt to treat a bunch of girls like they belong to you, with­out any regards to their feel­ings, you are going to be pret­ty dis­ap­point­ed with the result.

The ani­me is stu­pid, is basi­cal­ly what I’m get­ting at.

Mako­to is a human. With a rather big pos­si­bil­i­ty of being a rather big douchebag. For any­one that has played Katawa Shou­jo, he’s hon­est­ly quite a deal like Hisao. And School Days, in itself, does the decon­struc­tion pret­ty well. Now, is it the best writ­ten? Eh, prob­a­bly not. Could it have done bet­ter? Prob­a­bly. But hat­ing the VN because it has scary bad end­ings if you want to be a douchebag of mas­sive pro­por­tions is a bit silly.

I don’t know where I’m going with this any­more. Any­way, once again, like most things: The VN is bet­ter. It’s a hell of a lot more accu­rate and paints Mako­to in more of a human light rather than the absurd douchebag he was made out to be in the anime.

Any­way, guys. I’m out. Got­ta go back to Da Capo III and get that back under­way! So, remem­ber. Don’t cheat on your girl­friends. The end result is.. welllll..

It might end up a bit like this.

6 thoughts on “School Days: Review/Rant!

  1. Well, I would­n’t blame the whole bad end­ing craze and all the Mako­to hate on the ani­me alone. The only rea­son I decid­ed to watch the ani­me was because of how infa­mous the bad end­ings to the VN were and how much of a “bad” pro­tag­o­nist Mako­to was. Mind you, this was bare­ly before the ani­me even aired, and I watched it with those thoughts in mind as it aired, expect­ing the bad ends and Mako­to’s degeneration.
    Grant­ed, you have a point, the bad ends and Mako­to’s bad per­son­al­i­ty is the result of will­ing­ly choos­ing to get the bad end­ings in the VN, but the fact that peo­ple were say­ing School Days was worth it only for the bad end­ings before the ani­me even aired means that it isn’t entire­ly the ani­me’s fault but also the fans’ sole inter­est in the bad ends.
    btw, I’d say School Days was more of an attempt at a decon­struc­tion of an Over­flow game rather than the harem genre itself (although you are right in that it does a good job of that). Oth­er Over­flow VNs, from what i hear, are more for­giv­ing of polygamy, so maybe that explains why peo­ple eas­i­ly got the bad ends and why they were so infa­mous to begin with.

  2. @Mikoto

    I can sort of agree oth­er then it being a decon­struc­tion of it’s own com­pa­nies games. I’m pret­ty sure it’s intent was­n’t for it to come out and go “Hey! Look at us rip down our own games to see the hor­ror sto­ry behind it!” seems a bit odd to me. Yet, I don’t think most peo­ple who saw School Days back when the ani­me had aired or heard about it from there friends ever heard about or even knew about the VN. I doubt every­one came in already know­ing its infamy. I just don’t like the stig­ma the VN has because of it’s hor­ror counterpart.

    And this is why VN to ani­me adap­ta­tions about mul­ti­ple girls/routes are weak.

  3. The blo­gos­phere, at least back then when that ani­me was air­ing, had quite a few peo­ple antic­i­pat­ing the bad ends because the whole thing seemed like it would be gener­ic oth­er­wise to them. Seemed like the bad ends from the VN were pret­ty loud on the net before the ani­me came around, although the ani­me also gath­ered peo­ple that did­n’t know about the VN. You’re right, not every­one came in know­ing about the VN, but the idea that the series is only worth it for the shock val­ue exist­ed before the ani­me even begun airing.
    Although it was more about the bru­tal­i­ty than a “WELL SHOOT, CHOOSE TO GO WITH GIRL TO BATHROOM, GIRL CHOPS YOUR HEAD OFF” sort of thing that the ani­me generated.
    I heard about the VN’s bad ends on a site that seemed the least like­ly to have peo­ple into visu­al novels.

  4. no offend . but i real­ly do love the end­ing of SCHOOL DAYS . The end­ing is shock­ing but it is awesome .

  5. I per­son­al­ly like the ani­me too,to me it felt the same as play­ing the game but with a quick­er peace,in fact I like that it lacks the some­times force porn scenes the game has (like taisuke ask­ing sekai to suck mako­to off)I did­n’t real­ly undet­stand what you fount so dif­fer­ent to the game.

    1. Because the ani­me has almost no devel­op­ment. The entire point is to make the biggest douchebag pos­si­ble get killed at the end for sim­ple shock val­ue. The ani­me has lit­tle char­ac­ter devel­op­ment and goes from slice-of-life dra­ma to peo­ple dying and get­ting there head hacked off. The mem­o­rable parts of School Days are indeed the mur­der scenes, but it was about how fuck­ing with girls hearts and treat­ing peo­ple like you owned them was bad. That did­n’t hap­pen in the ani­me. In the ani­me it’s sim­ply watch­ing a douche be a douche only to get mur­dered by some girls who seemed fine but went insane randomly.

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