Hyouka 12

ADD is great

On this episode of Hyou­ka, Kyoto Ani­ma­tion shows us that atten­tion deficit dis­or­der can be moé as well.

Maid Chitanda

Who­ev­er says that the thought of Chi­tan­da becom­ing their per­son­al maid isn’t high­ly arous­ing is lying.


Prinny Chitanda

If all the Prin­nies from Dis­gaea looked like this, I swear I would have a hard­er time using them as live bombs.

Cheerleader chitanda

Crap! They should have used this as an oppor­tu­ni­ty to make a Lucky Star reference!

KyoAni had a ball with this

Looks like they had no prob­lems using the Man­ga Soci­ety as an oppor­tu­ni­ty to draw cos­play of Vocaloid and Touhou Project, though.

Censhorship of guardianship

I can’t believe they decid­ed to pull a Peanuts on Houtarou’s sis­ter. I mean, seri­ous­ly, we spent all these episodes with her talk­ing through the phone; antic­i­pat­ing on actu­al­ly see­ing this char­ac­ter on-screen.

And when she’s phys­i­cal­ly here, we can’t even see her face.


Ship tease

Also, holy shit, the new end­ing sequence is such a ship tease. xD

4 thoughts on “Hyouka 12

  1. they’ll prob­a­bly show Houtarou’s sis­ter next time. I mean they can’t just hide her face for­ev­er 😛 lol.

    and when I saw Chi­tan­da in that maid out­fit, it just remind­ed me how much she look exact­ly like Mio from k‑on. XD

  2. I actu­al­ly laughed a bit in this episode. I knew she would get distracted.

    When chi­tan­da wore the maid out­fit the name that straight away came up “Mio”

  3. @Fabrice: Same here. Chi­tan­da is the type that eas­i­ly gets inter­est­ed in… every­thing. xD

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