Cardcaptor Sakura 【HD Rewatch】 05

Plush Dolls ftw

What Chi­haru would do to Yamaza­ki if he did­n’t lie all the time. ;P

The best shop in the entire universe

There are cer­tain­ly aspects of the man­ga that I like bet­ter than the ani­me, but out of the count­less ani­me addi­tions that I enjoyed, one of them would be Mak­i’s shop.


I liked how the ani­me showed Saku­ra try­ing to cap­ture The Jump and fail­ing mul­ti­ple times while trying. 😛

Giant plush gattai mecha

A thou­sand plush toys com­bin­ing to form a giant plush toy.

Looks like Saku­ra needs a sen­tai mecha!

The Moron

Oh, nev­er­mind. xD

The ani­me took one pan­el from the man­ga ref­er­enc­ing The Jump’s stu­pid­i­ty and made an awe­some episode out of it. 

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    1. @TPAB: Some­thing I always rushed home to see after a hard day’s work at school. xD

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