Hyouka 13

Just marry already!

The new open­ing sequence is a TOTAL SHIP TEASE.

Chi­tan­da, Houtarou: JUST PROPOSE ALREADY.

Hello nurse!

Houtarou total­ly had the same reac­tions we did in the pre­vi­ous episode.

Hel­l­loooooooo nurse!


Satoshi had now become a can­di­date for an eccen­tric Poke­mon villain.

So, is she supposed to be Reimu or not?

I bet Miss Kin­da-Looks-Like-Reimu’s com­ment about writ­ing and cri­tiquing man­ga rus­tled a good amount of the blo­gos­phere’s jimmies.

Kyoto Ani­ma­tion: u mad?

Many unfortunate things I expected

Kind of expect­ed some­thing bad to hap­pen to Mayaka’s stuff here.

I mean, just look at it. It would be unfor­tu­nate if some­thing bad hap­pened to that nice flat-screen. Or that DVD play­er. Or that whole entire desk.

Embarrassed moe is good moe

Houtarou agrees

And the teas­ing continues.

Just do each oth­er already. .-.

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