Cardcaptor Sakura 【HD Rewatch】 08



Final­ly! Episode 8 is when the series real­ly starts to spice things up with the intro­duc­tion of our token male tsun­dere,  Syao­ran Li.

李 小狼, Li Xiaolang. Known as “lit­tle pup­py” to his fan­girls (and Saku­ra in my head canon), and a pret­ty cool dude to the male fans.  He starts off pro­vid­ing the role of a rival to Saku­ra, even more so in the ani­me where he becomes actu­al com­pe­ti­tion for the Clow Cards, and even­tu­al­ly becomes one of Saku­ra’s most depend­able friends (and even more than that).

A start of something beautiful

…Of course, this pair­ing does­n’t start off as beau­ti­ful com­pared to how it ends up.

That’s awe­some char­ac­ter devel­op­ment in CCS, for ya! 😛

What did I do?!


He's so dreamy

A new exchange stu­dent? He’s so dreamy!


He’s look­ing right at me? What do I do, what do I do???



*cough cough* Sor­ry about that, guys.


This is self explanatory

It’s way too easy to mis­in­ter­pret this scene.

I find it fun­ny how one of the best ani­me cou­ples start­ed off their inter­ac­tion with play­ground bul­ly­ing. xD That’s not the way to woo a friend­ly and pas­sive girl like Sakura!

GAR brother vs. GAR Chinese boy

Touya wants to beat the pulp out of Syao­ran because he thought he was pick­ing on his lit­tle sis­ter. Lat­er on, Touya wants to beat the pulp out of Syao­ran for entire­ly dif­fer­ent rea­sons. 8D

White-haired pretty boys with meaty buns

Yuk­i­to has meaty buns No homo.

Oh, CLAMP. For 1/3 of the ani­me and a bit of the man­ga (he starts show­ing signs of inter­est in Saku­ra soon­er than in the ani­me), we are lead to believe that Syao­ran is into white-haired pret­ty boys. xD Along with the addi­tion of Meil­ing, it does pro­vide a good amount of com­e­dy in the first season.


A func­tion that all the Clow Cards share despite their dif­fer­ing pow­ers? The abil­i­ty to make Saku­ra go hannnyaannnnn.


For­get all the Kero plush toys that exist out there, where could I get myself one of THOSE Saku­ra plushies? =D

Tomoyo likes the Nekomimi Sakura

If this was the sec­ond or third sea­son, Syao­ran would be enjoy­ing the hell out­ta this. Of course, Tomoyo enjoys it regardless.


Zapdos/Thunder and Raik­ou have noth­ing on The Thunder.

Sure­ly there’s Japan­ese fanart out there that depicts Thun­der (Poke­mon) fight­ing Thun­der (Card­cap­tor Saku­ra). Who­ev­er finds it for me will get a cookie!

It's not like I'll start liking you or anything

By the ani­me’s log­ic of who gets to keep a Clow Card after it’s been sealed (which we are told in a future episode), should­n’t The Thun­der go to Syao­ran since he had a big hand in defeat­ing it? Grant­ed, it’s rather use­less to him any­way since he has his light­ning spells.


I just HAD to take this screenshot!



Looks like this is the begin­ning of a beau­ti­ful friendship.

Turning taht frown upside-down

First impli­ca­tion that Syao­ran’s words can either make or break Saku­ra’s mood depend­ing if they’re harsh or not. Lat­er on, he’s the source of her courage and hap­pi­ness because he gains more dere and less tsun.

It should be not­ed that this was the first episode of Nel­vana’s Card­cap­tors dub, because appar­ent­ly “in order make a show aimed at both boys and girls, we must hack and slash one of ani­me’s most beloved shou­jo anime!”

Why not just make your own cartoon?

7 thoughts on “Cardcaptor Sakura 【HD Rewatch】 08

  1. god i miss that cos­tume by sakura.
    i had a fig­ma of her in that cos­tume that was destroyed by a huge storm. XD

    1. Ouch, that sounds real­ly unfor­tu­nate. Garage kits of those don’t come cheap these days, not to men­tion hard to find. DX

  2. the roof of our house came off and it was a mat­ter of what to save first before the wind blows them all away. XD
    i grabbed my ps1 and abunch of nen­droids. XD
    i have a clow card set though. not sure if its still complete.

    1. I’m pret­ty sure if you still have 52 cards, that’s a com­plete set. Was it the Clow Book set or the Saku­ra Book set? Because I think Bandai’s Clow Book came with a card bat­tle game of sorts.
      I imag­ine you saved the PS1 but end­ed up with no games? That real­ly sucks. xD Though I guess the most impor­tant thing was that none of you guys were blown away because of the storm, no? xD

  3. I got a deck of cards thats inside a wod­den box with a slide cov­er and the engrav­ings was the sym­bol at the back of each clow cards. I kin­da took out The Rain once because it’s my fave and used it as a good­luck charm. XD
    yeah, luck­i­ly, I was alive to wit­ness the car­nage. XD
    oh, I’ll add you in my blogroll. thanks for putting mr in yours~

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