Noizi Itou 【Live Drawing】

As an anime/manga fan-artist, I keep myself updat­ed on Wacom’s YouTube chan­nel, a com­pa­ny which pro­duces high-qual­i­ty graph­ics tablets (of which I do not own, ARGH), and every so often they upload a video show­cas­ing well-known artists using their tablets such as the Cin­tiq 24HD.

For fans of The Melan­choly of Haruhi Suzu­miya, Shaku­gan no SHANA, Anoth­er, var­i­ous Uni­son Shift visu­al nov­els, etc. that also hap­pen to be fans of their art­work, you have to be famil­iar with Noizi Itou, the illus­tra­tor and char­ac­ter design­er for all of these works. Wacom’s recent video just hap­pens to show­case her doing what she does best. So yeah, here’s a chance to see her skills in action through dig­i­tal media. ^^

2 thoughts on “Noizi Itou 【Live Drawing】

  1. Thanks for shar­ing, that was real­ly inter­est­ing to watch. Espe­cial­ly for some­one like me who enjoyed draw­ing when I was younger, but nev­er went beyond just draw­ing on a piece of paper XD (plus I love Noizi Itou’s designs~)

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