Gate 7 (Chapters 0–1)

Myouhou modoridori~!

Myouhou modor­i­dori~!

Weary due to the com­plete mess of an end­ing TRC had (and still weary to fin­ish up ×××HOLiC because of it), I final­ly got around to read­ing CLAM­P’s lat­est series, Gate 7! I mean, Koba­to was still very good, in my opin­ion, so I haven’t lost hope in CLAMP.

As always, CLAMP man­ages to intrigue me from the very first chap­ters. The art­work is very pret­ty and the per­son­al­i­ty quirks of the char­ac­ters are high­ly amus­ing. Espe­cial­ly Hana’s love for noo­dles, rival­ing Yuko’s pen­chant for alco­hol and Kero-chan’s obses­sion with food in gen­er­al. xD

Gate 7 seems to be the most Japan­ese-inspired out of all of CLAM­P’s works. Enthu­si­asts of Japan­ese cul­ture will relate to Chikahi­to’s fond­ness of Japan­ese relics and Kyoto. I guess if you’re not savvy with Japan­ese cul­ture, you might be left a lit­tle con­fused with the con­stant Japan-ori­ent­ed terms they use.

I’ll wait until I fin­ish the first vol­ume before I decide to buy a copy from Dark Horse (bless their awe­some souls).


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