Cardcaptor Sakura 【HD Rewatch】 09

So, uh, how's the weather?

Is every­one from Hong Kong a giant tsuntsun?

Saku­ra starts her day by attempt­ing to flat­ter Syao­ran, telling him that she thinks his Chi­nese bat­tle cos­tume was cool and that she saw it in a dream.

Usu­al­ly when an ani­me pro­tag­o­nist tells some­one of the oppo­site sex that they “saw him/her in a dream,” they’d take it the wrong way (a la Digi­mon Tamers, as in a total­ly bad pick­up line). Luck­i­ly for Saku­ra, she’s from a  CLAMP series, so pre­mo­ni­tion dreams can eas­i­ly be explained to a char­ac­ter that’s savvy with mag­i­cal pow­ers and what­not with­out embar­rass­ing mis­un­der­stand­ings. =P

Yamazaki is CLAMP embodiment of a troll

Yamaza­ki-kun is CLAM­P’s poster boy when it comes to trolling.

First sign of com­pat­i­bil­i­ty: Saku­ra and Syao­ran are the only ones that com­plete­ly believe his lies. xD

Grrr! Clow Reed!

The Sword card is one of the Clow Cards that make me go into wild spec­u­la­tion-mode about how Clow Reed used it.

I mean, the guy seems to be a rather gen­tle per­son despite being the source of, well, every­thing chaot­ic that hap­pens due to his appar­ent obses­sions with Xanatos Gam­bits. What exact­ly did he have use for with a sword that can cut through any­thing? Did he use it to cook his after­noon snacks? 😛 Because I hear minc­ing fish is an ass.

I have come to save the princess!

Looks like her knight in shin­ing armor has arrived!

Aren't they cute?

Well, sort of.


You'd like, go to jail

It’s inter­est­ing to note that, even though in the ani­me, only Rika is shown to be roman­ti­cal­ly inter­est­ed in Ter­a­da-sen­sei, in the man­ga, this pair­ing goes even fur­ther. The guy gives his stu­dent an engage­ment ring, wait­ing for her to come of age before they get mar­ried — in the same chap­ter this episode was based off of.

While it may seem creepy to some, it was part of CLAM­P’s ide­al for the series to show­case love at its purest form, regard­less of age, race, and gen­der. I applaud them for man­ag­ing to por­tray the rela­tion­ship in an inno­cent way rather than mak­ing Ter­a­da a per­vert­ed loli-hun­gry guy that’s show­cased in a lot of series these days. He just hap­pened to fall in love with a younger girl, who will prob­a­bly make him hap­pi­er than any­one else.

CLAMP did this to teach chil­dren tol­er­ance, and I think it’s a good thing. Maybe they’re kind of respon­si­ble for me being the most accepting/neutral guy in the world, as long as a per­son isn’t a total jack­ass or hurt­ing oth­er people/themselves, they can enjoy life how­ev­er they want in my eyes. xD Nev­er­the­less, I think it was a good idea to leave the pair­ing ambigu­ous in the ani­me, just to avoid the out­ra­geous soc­cer moms (yes, even Japan has those)

Deredere, Yukito too strong

His dere is showing!

On the sub­ject of tol­er­ance, we’d all still think Syao­ran was a cool guy even if it did turn out that he real­ly had the gays for Yuk­i­to, right?

I mean, I think Touya’s a badass despite being pret­ty much the offi­cial man for Yuk­i­to. I like it how CLAMP does­n’t stereo­type char­ac­ters based on their sex­u­al­i­ty (even though tech­ni­cal­ly there is no sex­u­al­i­ty with their works — it’s just love). Touya and Yuk­i­to aren’t col­or­ful fruits the same way Ter­a­da-sen­sei isn’t some dan­ger­ous preda­tor tak­ing advan­tage of his job. One of the rare cas­es where I’ll say that a series treats absolute­ly all of its char­ac­ters with respect.


I admit, part of the rea­son why I absolute­ly adore Saku­ra is because of her awe­some facial expres­sions. She’s very a emo­tive character!

Fol­lowed by a bunch of “hooooe” and “hanyannnn.” I swear, it nev­er gets old. xD TRC!Sakura should have done this more often! Why CLAMP, why?! At least they import­ed her clas­sic facial expres­sions dur­ing the lighter moments of that series. Even if those were just a few.


Argh! You’re giv­ing choco­lates to the wrong per­son, Syaoran!

CCS, where three equals six

Add Tomoyo, Touya, Meil­ing, some arrows, and some labels to the mix…

There you have it, the most con­vo­lut­ed rela­tion­ship chart ever.

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  1. not a fan of The Sword too. it was­n’t a cute chick in the card. XD
    woah, that rikaX­ter­a­da went that far!!! damn it, i wish i read the manga.

    1. @TPAB: Luck­i­ly for you, Dark Horse released the whole man­ga in three antholo­gies for a cheap price. xD

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