Sword Art Online 04

Must. Not. Get. Attached.

Regard­less of any minor gripes I had with the ani­me orig­i­nal­ly, I com­mend it for putting me on my toes.

By that, I mean because of the pre­vi­ous episode’s lit­tle death show, I’m try­ing my best NOT to get attached to any char­ac­ters in this ani­me. Espe­cial­ly since they’ve brought Play­er Killing into the mix, mak­ing the play­ers a dan­ger to each oth­er as well. If it was­n’t for that, I would have savored the utter cute­ness of Sil­i­ca more, but I spent most of the episode expect­ing her to die. D:

Black dudes know what I'm talking about

The best wood there is.

Heh. Heh heh. He gave a loli an ebony dag­ger. Ebony.

Sheesh, I need to get my mind out of the gutter.

I am an old hag that plays video games

This lady may be one female ani­me char­ac­ter that I gen­uine­ly detest. Mur­der, trick­ery, con­stant denial of real­i­ty, sex­u­al jeal­ous­ly towards a lit­tle girl, etc.

How unat­trac­tive can you get?

Loli fanservice had to come sooner or later

Since the char­ac­ter of the day is a loli, I guess it should be expect­ed that loli fanser­vice would start pop­ping up soon­er or later.

The soon­er, the bet­ter. D;

Oh god, I didn't mean THAT

If you aren’t think­ing about THAT, then you are shel­tered. Stay that way.

Oh my. Well. I did­n’t want it to go THAT far… Geez.



Afraid that our GAR man Kir­i­to will drill you a new hole, loli? Well, rejoice, he’s sav­ing that for Asuna.

Sor­ry for the very crude and dirty jokes. But you have to admit, when they do the panty thing this much in a seri­ous ani­me, it gets more notice­able and amusing.



I liked this episode the best out of the first four. Why? We get some insight on Kir­i­to’s per­son­al fam­i­ly life and he gets to be down­right badass. It’s good to know that Kir­i­to’s way too over­pow­ered to ever be trou­bled by pet­ty thieves. At least on this floor.

Kir­i­to shows big broth­er instincts and the desire to avenge the death of inno­cents, which con­tributes to his hero­ism. Yet, he does­n’t come off as a gener­ic pro­tag­o­nist to me because all of this is attrib­uted to his expe­ri­ences, fears, and com­plex­es, which bal­ances off his pos­i­tive traits with a few negatives.


Oh god. Please don’t die. Please don’t die!

If you fry her loli brains, I will hate you, anime.

4 thoughts on “Sword Art Online 04

  1. I loved read­ing the light nov­els for SAO. The ani­me con­fused me at first, as this par­tic­u­lar episode does­n’t appear in the first book but is in a lat­er one as a kind of ‘more tales from ain­crad (my spelling of that world is nev­er right!) but now I’m read­ing it, I’m real­ly enjoy­ing it.

    Bril­liant ani­me, there’s a lot of good sto­ry­line to come, pro­vid­ing they stick to the book!


  2. @Awryn: Yeah, a lot of con­fu­sion that I have with the ani­me seems to stem from sup­pos­ed­ly skip­ping the light nov­el­’s con­tent or rear­rang­ing bits. The ani­me still shows a lot of promise though, and I’m sure the rest will be good — the nov­el did­n’t win an award for noth­ing, after all. lol

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