Hyouka 16

Can't beat the classics

I had a feel­ing that Mayaka’s miss­ing man­ga would play a huge part in this mys­tery, but I had no idea that it might very well be the key to con­nect­ing every­thing togeth­er. Hm, I was actu­al­ly surprised.

On the sub­ject of her favorite dou­jin man­ga, it does look like it harkens back to the good ol’ clas­sic days of man­ga, judg­ing by the art style.



Houtarou’s sis­ter makes an appear­ance again. And once again, she appears with her head obscured. Is this going to become a run­ning gag or something?

What is this, Cow and Chick­en? 😛

Wow, you are full of suck

So, do female bul­lies enjoy rev­el­ing in the small­est of torment?

Because I find it utter­ly stu­pid that she smirks about throw­ing a few drops of water onto Mayaka’s paper, and then starts apol­o­giz­ing like a bitch after she acci­den­tal­ly spills the whole damn thing on her. If you’re going to decide to be an ass, don’t go around being half­heart­ed about it. You’re either an ass or you’re not.

Mr. Busy Fingers

Yo, lay off, Mr. Busy Fingers.


C’mon guys. It’s not nice to make fun of the way a man walks, not to men­tion com­plete­ly imma-

Aw, what the hell? HA HA. YOU RUN LIKE A GIRL.

Deliciously supple melons


Good thing my boner is obscured by this table

Gol­ly gee, good thing my ener­getic crotch is obscured by this table…

Houtarou, you will slow­ly be entrapped by her. And then, there will be no escape.

Path of angst

I won­der why Satoshi is so dis­traught at his infe­ri­or­i­ty to Houtarou when it comes to detec­tive skills. It may very well be because he’s a Sher­lock­ian, but I hap­pen to real­ly like Sher­locke Holmes too, but that does­n’t mean I want to be Sher­locke Holmes, as awe­some as that may be. 

His com­ment about the wannabe detec­tives after Juumon­ji does­n’t make him seem like the sort of per­son who would. Or maybe he’s a wannabe detec­tive and just does­n’t know it?

One word LOL

it’s easy to see why Houtarou can’t say no to her.


Lots of KININARIMASU in this episode. For that, I give this episode a sol­id 20/10.

2 thoughts on “Hyouka 16

  1. and I seri­ous­ly thought that we’ll final­ly see Orek­i’s sis­ter… x_x ~lol at Cow and Chicken :))

    and I won­der what Chi­tan­da meant by say­ing that she have met Houtarou’s sis­ter before… hmmm… kininarimasu! 😀

    1. @-black­sheep: At first I thought she saw a resem­blance to Houtarou, but now I’m not so sure. She does have a keen eye for famil­iar­i­ty, that’s for sure, like with the man­ga artwork.

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