Cardcaptor Sakura 【HD Rewatch】 10

Sakura fails so cute, if that makes any sense

I love the fes­ti­val episodes in this ani­me, but this pales in com­par­i­son to the oth­ers. I mean, the oth­ers involved cross­dress­ing plays, maid/butler cafés, Sup­pie going drunk off of sweets, and one end­ed with a heart­warm­ing Syaoran/Sakura scene. This one? War of the par­ents with rain­ing flowers.

Still great, though. Insight on Saku­ra’s fam­i­ly tree is always wel­come. And see­ing Saku­ra fail with her baton will nev­er get old. xD

Never stood a chance

Even I have a bet­ter chance at Saku­ra than you for­get­table back­ground boys!

If only it WAS out of context..

I know what this looks like. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, the actu­al con­text isn’t what I wish it would be.

Not until the sec­ond sea­son. D:

Kissing cousins!

I like it how Tomoy­o’s mom was Saku­ra’s mom cousin, who had a total les crush on her. Mak­ing Tomoyo Saku­ra’s cousin, who has a total les crush on her.

Only Tomoyo appears to be a bet­ter sport about it. 😛

(Fuji­taka’s paci­fist expres­sion ftw!)

Scream, yaoi fangirls, scream

Speak­ing of for­bid­den love…

The Dancing Flower Card

When I first watched this episodes at the begin­ning of mid­dle school, my first guess at the name of this card was “The Dance.” Even though it was rain­ing flow­ers. Go figure.

The Flow­er’s such a cute and sil­ly card. lol

Poor Tomoyo

While I find Tomoy­o’s uncon­di­tion­al love for Saku­ra extremem­ly sweet, I find it sad at the same time. The only thing I have a prob­lem with in CLAM­P’s uni­verse is the whole “one-sided soul­mate” thing. Is the poor thing going to be alone for­ev­er or set­tle for some­thing less than a “soul­mate”? She prob­a­bly won’t have a prob­lem with it as long as Saku­ra is hap­py, but I do! 

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