Cardcaptor Sakura 【HD Rewatch】 11

Fujitaka turns bad pickup lines into good pickup lines

I had thought that an angel fell from the sky.”

Trans­la­tion: Hub­ba-hub­ba! Heav­en must be miss­ing an angel.

Fuji­taka’s approach to pick­up lines in a nut­shell. 😛 So yeah, anoth­er episode ded­i­cat­ed to show­ing us how spe­cial Saku­ra and her moth­er are to Tomoyo and her mom.


On this episode, we find out just how filthy rich Tomoyo is.

How on Earth can she be so mod­est about it? xD

Sneezing is a magically irritating thing

Ah, nos­tal­gia! CCS was where I first heard about the Japan­ese super­sti­tion about sneez­ing when some­one is talking/thinking about you.

How the times fly by…

The Shield Card is better than most home security systems

The Sword card is kind of cool, but real­is­ti­cal­ly I would want The Shield card. This would have been use­ful back in high school, where oth­er stu­dents liked to steal my undies and gym uni­form for God knows what reason.

Sakura and her mommy are the best girls in the world

Like moth­er, like daughter.

Both are sur­round­ed by lov­ing peo­ple, notably Sono­mi and Tomoyo. xD Well, again, like moth­er, like daughter.


Saku­ra’s eras­er is the best eras­er.

Kids and their imaginary friends..

Thanks a lot, Kero. Now every­one thinks Saku­ra is a crazy kid!

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    1. @TPAB: Not much trou­ble, it kept Tomoyo and her moth­er from open­ing the box which held their most pre­cious pos­ses­sions (Nadeshiko’s wed­ding boquet and Saku­ra’s eraser).

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