Hyouka 17

Cheers, Hyouka

The con­clu­sion of this “School Fes­ti­val arc” caught me by sur­prise. I did­n’t expect Hyou­ka to pull off some­thing rather this com­plex. It took three sub­plots of the pre­vi­ous episodes that were seem­ing­ly unre­lat­ed and man­aged to weave them togeth­er to into a con­clu­sion which focused on one cen­tral theme, expec­ta­tions. And it did it real­ly well.

What I liked par­tic­u­lar­ly about this arc was the focus on Satoshi and Maya­ka. It took two char­ac­ters that seemed like mere back­ground props in the begin­ning (in my opin­ion) and revealed more inter­est­ing facets about them, result­ing to them pret­ty much steal­ing the show from Houtarou and Chi­tan­da (hnnnnnng, impos­si­ble!) this time around. Houtarou may have solved the mys­tery, Satoshi, but I sure enjoyed the added depth to your character.

Bra­vo, Hyou­ka. Bra­vo. If this is you at your best, then you should keep it up. =)

Surprisingly not sarcastic about it this time around

By the way, this isn’t sup­posed to be condescending.

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