Cardcaptor Sakura 【HD Rewatch】 13



An episode about vis­it­ing the zoo could­n’t be any stranger when it’s an episode of CCS. Giant pen­guin slides being turned upside down, play­ing tug of war with ele­phants, etc. Prob­a­bly the weird­est (writ­ten) super­nat­ur­al occur­rence in Tomoe­da, right next to the rain­ing flowers!

Ways to tame a tsundere

Tam­ing a tsun­dere 101: show it a cute animal.

(Well, cute until the sloth rips your face out with its claws. No, this isn’t a Yamaza­ki-lie, those claws are dangerous.)

Scary moe

Clow Cards seem to go by a “looks can be deceiv­ing” theme (well, most of the time). This lit­tle cutie can rip a grown man a new one.

Elephant has joined the party

Ele­phant has joined your party.

Even the zoo ani­mals love Sakura. 😛


I like it how Syao­ran gave no shits about the Clow Card in this episode. He obvi­ous­ly want­ed to get things over with just so he con­tin­ue look­ing at the sloths. xD

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Oooh, nice save, Tomoyo.

Ah, Adobe Pho­to­shop. The expla­na­tion for all of life’s mysteries.

2 thoughts on “Cardcaptor Sakura 【HD Rewatch】 13

  1. That’s the strength card, right? i’m iffy on the name.
    every­thing is so blur­ry now. i don’t remem­ber saku­ra using the card as much too.

    1. @TPAB: Yeah, it’s the strength card. It was one of those filler cards that sad­ly was­n’t used that much. I think Saku­ra uses it a total of two times, for the exact same rea­sons (putting King Pen­guin back). lol

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