Sword Art Online The Expansion: FAMILY PORTRAITS

This is a family game

A game made for the family.

While I haven’t par­tic­u­lar­ly been enjoy­ing the bla­tant harem-build­ing some of these side-sto­ries seem to be going for (they’re not that inter­est­ing, real­ly), they’re admit­ted­ly still decent­ly writ­ten. I have been enjoy­ing the Kirito/Asuna ship teas­ing these past few episodes, but noth­ing seems to top the first three episodes in terms of qual­i­ty, in my opinion.

What rat­tled my brain dur­ing episode 7, how­ev­er, was what seemed to be a fam­i­ly pho­to in Lis’s work­shop shown above. Look at her age! How is this even pos­si­ble? Was­n’t SAO a some­what recent MMO (which is with­in the premise of the sto­ry)? If it’s not from the game, could it be an import from real life? Then why is her fam­i­ly wear­ing SAO armor? Gah. I guess this makes more sense if it was dur­ing beta test­ing (where play­er avatars did­n’t have to resem­ble their RL bod­ies), but that’s kind of stretch, in my opin­ion. How long was beta test­ing again?

On anoth­er note: why are peo­ple call­ing her “Liz/Lizbeth” when it clear­ly says “Lis­beth” on her com­bat dis­play? That’s pret­ty sil­ly. xD

(Also, the drag­on. Man, if this was Mon­ster Hunter, Kir­i­to would have been screwed regard­less of lev­el. And the cook­ing sys­tem seems to blow the Tales series out of the water.)

You're not very honest, are you?

Baka! I‑i-it’s not like… I like you or anything!

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