Hiatus manga series are the bane of me

Minnie remains hopeful of her lazy writer

A few days ago, I decid­ed to catch up on D•N•Angel think­ing, “It’s been a year already, sure­ly Yukiru Sug­isa­ki picked it back up!

It should­n’t be sur­pris­ing that my expec­ta­tions were shot down. In typ­i­cal Sug­isa­ki fash­ion, the lat­est chap­ter of D•N•Angel in 2012 is exact­ly the same one I left of at dur­ing the begin­ning of 2011. Appar­ent­ly she is real­ly focus­ing on Ascribe to Heav­en (which has­n’t got­ten a trans­la­tion past the first chap­ter) or she’s just laz­ing around and dis­ap­point­ing her fans. I mean, so far I like Ascribe to Heav­en and find the art scrump­tious, but I don’t have high hopes for it going any­where see­ing as Sug­isa­ki has a track record of not fin­ish­ing man­ga. This may sound hyp­o­crit­i­cal com­ing from a blog that might as well have been renamed to The Hia­tus Spot in the past, but there is truth in what I’m say­ing here.

Sug­isa­ki may be the worse offend­er of this, but there have been oth­er man­ga groups like CLAMP that (despite hav­ing a num­ber of com­plet­ed works) also have quite a few unfin­ished works that are put on hold. Even then, they at least make an attempt to update spo­rad­i­cal­ly and see it through(picking up Legal Drug again as Drug and Drop is a good exam­ple). Sug­isa­ki, not so much. While she did pick up D•N•Angel, is putting it on hold RIGHT AT A CRUCIAL PLOT TWIST (just to focus on a NEW MANGA instead of updat­ing her pre­vi­ous ones) a good strat­e­gy? Unlike me, some fans aren’t as faith­ful and persistent.

This is why I think man­ga­ka should go with Kyoto Ani­ma­tion’s “one series at a time” phi­los­o­phy, espe­cial­ly since it’s real­ly just one per­son on the work­force plus a few assis­tants and edi­tors. An advice to man­ga­ka: Move onto a new project AFTER you’ve fin­ished the one you’re work­ing on now. It does­n’t mat­ter if the art is deli­cious or if the writ­ing is superb, all of it just becomes a down­er if you’re going to deprive fans of it for most of the run… for near­ly a decade, only for you to drop it again soon after pick­ing it back up. For fans in places oth­er than Japan, it hurts us even more since licen­sors will stop being inter­est­ed in local­izat­ing their works because of their rep­u­ta­tion of hard­ly fin­ish­ing anything.

Do you guys agree with me on this stance? Should man­ga writ­ers be lim­it­ed to mak­ing one series and see it through before mak­ing a new one? If not, if you were to give the writer any sug­ges­tions on how to han­dle more than one series at a time, what would they be? Do you have any oth­er exam­ples oth­er than the one men­tioned in the post? Feel free to leave a com­ment and share your thoughts.

One thought on “Hiatus manga series are the bane of me

  1. ahh final­ly i found some­one who have the same opin­ion as me. i also angry with Sug­isa­ki sen­sei. i just think she is unpro­fes­sion­al and VERY dis­ap­point­ing. i like many her man­ga, espe­cial­ly dnan­gel n mega­mi kouhousei/ can­di­date for god­dess. i think i will not read her man­ga again. i just feel enough with this hia­tus torture.

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