Sword Art Online 08

Never tell her to get back in the kitchen

MMO mar­riages. Mar­i­tal con­flicts become ten times more dead­ly on Sword Art Online.

Think long and hard before you pop the ques­tion, Kirito.

She knows where she belongs

Too easy, Asuna? Cook­ing looks like more work than in real MMOs like Guild Wars 2 or push­ing a but­ton after every bat­tle in a Tales game.

*sigh* The future gen­er­a­tion of gamers sound so spoiled. The cook­ing sys­tem sounds extreme­ly fun (and deli­cious!) and she’s com­plain­ing about it being too easy.

High school girls are the best

How dare you, boy! As a senior cit­i­zen that plays mas­sive­ly mul­ti­play­er online RPGs and is teh l33t OP at them, I am enti­tled to indulge in the heav­en­ly smell of a teenaged girl’s home!

First we were intro­duced to the sociopaths of SAO’s world, now we’re intro­duced to the creepers.


I am NOT a creeper!”

Says the guy grow­ing mold in his ears, who wants to dive into Asuna’s teenaged putang in her sleep.

Obvious BFGF mannerisms

Facing reality

B.…but! My virginity!”


And here we have it, Kir­i­to and Asuna enter bat­tle with The Gleam Eyes. Final­ly, the sto­ry feels like it’s going somewhere!

Loved the Kirito/Asuna moments in the episode. The fact that two years have already passed while they were in the game is pret­ty irk­some though. Is the gov­ern­ment real­ly this incom­pe­tent? Why did any of this hap­pen in the first place? Gah, for now I’ll enjoy what’s going on in-game rather than think about the trou­ble­some details of what’s hap­pen­ing outside.

2 thoughts on “Sword Art Online 08

  1. Loved the Kirito/Asuna moments in the episode.” — same here :3
    I can’t wait for their bat­tle against Gleam Eyes. Looks pret­ty interesting.

    1. Yeah, I’m pret­ty pumped that we’re actu­al­ly shown some progress in the Death MMO’s sto­ry. Go Kirito/Asuna!

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