Hyouka — Houtarou is not an ordinary human


Not only was episode 19 a haven for Houtarou/Chitanda hints, it also sup­ports my the­o­ry that Houtarou is sim­ply not an ordi­nary human being, even by ani­me stan­dards. The con­nois­seur of strange­ness, Haruhi, may even agree with me.

Seri­ous­ly, this kid makes a com­plete­ly out-of-there guess about a mun­dane-sound­ing announce­ment at school being relat­ed to coun­ter­feit through pure con­jec­ture… and at the end of day, turns out to be right. This kid is bet­ter than actu­al police detectives!

If Houtarou’s name was Ryu­uichi instead, I would­n’t doubt that this was a pre­quel to the Ace Attor­ney/Gyakuten Saiban series of visu­al novels.

Another Chitanda pout just because

+10 points if Chi­tan­da’s first name was “May­oi” or “Maya”

4 thoughts on “Hyouka — Houtarou is not an ordinary human

  1. I was also amazed at Houtarou in here. He came up his the­o­ry from a sim­ple one sen­tence announce­ment which turned out com­plete­ly cor­rect. Got­ta agree that he’s no ordi­nary human being O.O

    1. @-blacksheep: Hope­ful­ly Houtarou stops being over­ly mod­est after read­ing that news­pa­per arti­cle. There’s a lim­it to denial. xD

    1. @feal97: If Houtarou was­n’t so lazy, I’m sure he’d do great in a Crit­i­cal Think­ing class. 😛

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