Da Capo II: Scenario Reviews

Two moe sisters? Which to choose!

Two moe sis­ters? Oh, which to choose!

Fol­low­ing Wahfuu’s run of Da Capo III, final­ly clear­ing all of the sce­nar­ios in Da Capo II made a cer­tain someone’s pres­ence in Da Capo III a lot more understandable.

Not sur­pris­ing with visu­al nov­els: where­as I found no inter­est in con­tin­u­ing the mess of an ani­me that Da Capo II had, I enjoyed the pac­ing of the visu­al nov­el and what it had to offer. Many of its strong traits include the light­heart­ed com­e­dy between the char­ac­ters and its heart­felt cli­max­es toward the end of each route. Nev­er hav­ing read the pre­vi­ous install­ment, Da Capo, I don’t have much of a com­par­i­son between Jun’ichi/Nemu and Yoshiyuki/his “sis­ters” as cen­tral leads, but I found them much more lik­able than fan impres­sions of the for­mer pair, despite Yoshiyu­ki not being the bright­est bulb in the room.

With­out fur­ther ado, let the demon­ic rebirth of the oth­er­wise mirac­u­lous tree commence!


Visual Novel Structure

Like every oth­er visu­al nov­el, the “game­play” con­sists of sto­ry-based text accom­pa­nied by visu­als, with choic­es spo­rad­i­cal­ly placed through­out. For Da Capo II, each route is divid­ed into three dif­fer­ent sec­tions: the Christ­mas par­ty, the win­ter hol­i­days, and back-to-school New Years. The Christ­mas par­ty is essen­tial­ly the Com­mon Route with choic­es of char­ac­ter inter­ac­tion inter­spersed, and is rel­a­tive­ly short. The win­ter hol­i­days serve as an arc that solid­i­fies your choice in which girl Yoshiyu­ki will go out with (the con­fes­sion!). When the start of the new school year begins, from then on out it’s the sto­ry of Yoshiyu­ki and the char­ac­ter he’s cho­sen to romance with. It’s a cook­ie-cut­ter sys­tem, which Da Capo II essen­tial­ly is, but it works and serves as a nice intro­duc­tion to how bishou­jo nov­els work.

The main char­ac­ter, Yoshiyu­ki Saku­rai, has the stan­dard pow­ers of a Da Capo pro­tag­o­nist. Instead of dream­ing his own dreams, he dreams the dreams of oth­ers, and he has the seem­ing­ly use­less pow­er of con­jur­ing up Japan­ese seats in the palm of his hand.

To sig­ni­fy the start of an arc, an awe­some open­ing sequence will play.

Now, onto the indi­vid­ual char­ac­ter routes!


Minatsu Amakase

Minat­su is your run-of-the-mill tsun­dere char­ac­ter (which isn’t a bad thing by any means), with a bit of a twist – she’s a robot! Peo­ple who read the first Da Capo should find the robot con­cept famil­iar. She runs on “bananamin”, fuel pro­vid­ed by bananas, which Minat­su seems to hate with all her pas­sion, though she seems to tol­er­ate it (or even love it) when they’re coat­ed in chocolate.

I found Minat­su to be a very cute char­ac­ter. Deep down she’s a nice girl, but she’s still not the bright­est apple in the tree despite being a robot. No mat­ter what, even if the skill has lit­tle rela­tion to being a robot, she will proud­ly affirm that she is good at absolute­ly every­thing because he’s a top mod­el robot. Clear­ly, she’s proud of the fact that she’s a robot, but is bit­ter to humans because they are known to dis­crim­i­nate against them. Think of the sit­u­a­tion with the Per­so­coms in Chobits, but through a moral and close-mind­ed stand­point rather than an emo­tion­al stand­point: Peo­ple sim­ply didn’t approve of the type of robot that Minat­su was. Why? In order to make them have a 100% human life, func­tions such as gen­talia and the abil­i­ty to expe­ri­ence the same plea­sure as humans were built into these robots by their cre­ator. With the human mind being nat­u­ral­ly guid­ed into the gut­ter, peo­ple saw this as the only pur­pose and marked their cre­ator as a sex­u­al deviant rather than a cre­ator. Oth­er than that, peo­ple see robots as infe­ri­or beings because they auto­mat­i­cal­ly assume that any­thing that resem­bled free-will was due to “pro­gram­ming” and was ulti­mate­ly lim­it­ed – robots are not capa­ble of hav­ing gen­uine feel­ings, after all.

Because of this, at first Minat­su is adverse to Yoshiyu­ki because he was the one who awak­ens her into the world of humans once again, but they slow­ly devel­op a more friend­ly rela­tion­ship towards each oth­er, and if the read­er choos­es, fall in love with each oth­er. Minat­su is cer­tain­ly a healthy mix of a clas­sic tsun­dere and mod­ern tsun­dere, she starts out as a Type A mod­ern tsun­dere and slow­ly edges more towards Type B as her route progresses.

Minat­su, rather than being tied to anoth­er female choice in terms of sto­ry, is tied to a non-choice fmeale char­ac­ter (pre-Plus Sit­u­a­tion), the class pres­i­dent, Maya Sawai. After the reveal of Minat­su being a robot, there is adver­si­ty between the class pres­i­dent and our lov­able banana-hat­ing hero­ine. Why you ask? Well, it has some­thing to do with her father. Hint: robot cre­ator that was marked as a sex­u­al deviant. What do peo­ple usu­al­ly do when they’re now mocked by the entire world? Either become a mur­der­er, com­mit sui­cide, or become a mur­der­er and then com­mit sui­cide. It’s num­ber two, by the way. I thought that, at least in terms of the orig­i­nal port trans­lat­ed by Man­gaGamer, it added more dimen­sion to Maya’s char­ac­ter out­side of being an oth­er­wise for­get­table and strict class pres­i­dent arche­type. Her and many oth­er stu­dents’ view of robots slow­ly change as Minat­su near­ly risks her life sav­ing Maya’s lit­tle broth­er. Pos­si­bly one of my favorite cli­max­es of the visu­al nov­el is in Minatsu’s route, where all the stu­dents had a “YOU SHALL NOT PASS” moment in order to stop Minat­su from being expelled for being a robot.

I thought the con­clu­sion to her route was most­ly sat­is­fy­ing. Though if I were Yoshiyu­ki, I would have been a bit more angry at Minatsu’s dis­ap­pear­ance and then ‑poof- sud­den reap­pear­ance after a long peri­od of depression.

By the way, her cow hat makes me melt. ^^ All in all, one of my favorite girls in the game. Too bad her route has almost NOTHING to do with the Ever­last­ing Saku­ra Tree though. Hm.

Twintails are forever god-tier

Nanaka Shirakawa

Nana­ka was a great char­ac­ter – I liked her bright and ener­getic per­son­al­i­ty, and most impor­tant­ly, HER TWINTAILS. TWINTAILS, MAN.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, Yuzu and her dad stole the route for me in terms of things get­ting real, though. The whole sit­u­a­tion with Yuzu and her Key AIDs was what added the most dra­ma and feels to Nanaka’s route, in my opin­ion, and all of the melo­dra­ma regard­ing Koko and Wataru took the back­seat of my atten­tion – all the way back to the “I DON’T CARE” part of my mind, most prefer­ably the trash bin. And Yuzu’s dad was an extreme­ly COOL dad, and the way he tried to look strong in front of his daugh­ter despite being crip­pled on the inside real­ly wreaked hav­oc on this reader’s heart.

I will say that Nanaka’s mind-read­ing pow­ers grant­ed by the Ever­last­ing Saku­ra Tree was very well-writ­ten though – if you re-read ear­li­er parts of any route, there are mul­ti­ple instances of Chekhov’s gun where it hint­ed towards her “ESP upon touch”. And her men­tal break­down upon the loss of her pow­ers made for a very nice cli­max. Hon­est­ly, Nanaka’s type of char­ac­ter is one of my favorites in terms of fic­tion. Char­ac­ters who hide their inse­cu­ri­ties and real emo­tions behind the mask of jolli­ness and ener­gy tend to be the most unpre­dictable and read­ers are often to be able to relate and sym­pa­thize with them. Which is why I’m rather sad that nanaka’s route kind of felt like wast­ed poten­tial, but it’s a not a bad route by any means.

Espe­cial­ly if peo­ple view Nana­ka as their wai­fu – there are plen­ty of dat­ing scenes between Yoshiyu­ki and Nana­ka. Most­ly Yoshiyu­ki fawn­ing over how hot of a girl­friend he has.

Nana­ka cer­tain­ly has one of the best moments dur­ing the ski trip though. The hot springs scene was price­less. Typ­i­cal, but priceless.

You don't like me?

Koko Tsukishima

I’ll go ahead and say this now: I did not like Koko’s char­ac­ter. At all. Well, that’s kind of an over-exag­ger­a­tion. I didn’t find any­thing bad with her until both her and Nanaka’s routes. I usu­al­ly don’t hate char­ac­ters like Koko, who despite hav­ing a pret­ty vanil­la per­son­al­i­ty, usu­al­ly have oth­er redeem­ing qual­i­ties that make them lik­able human beings. My view of Koko’s char­ac­ter was so bad­ly dam­aged dur­ing Nanaka’s route that I couldn’t even stom­ach her dur­ing this route (same could be said for Wataru, who could have been the biggest bro in the world if it wasn’t for the fact that he punch­es Yoshiyu­ki in these routes for the most stu­pid­est rea­sons pos­si­ble), espe­cial­ly since you’re forced to do some pret­ty hor­ri­ble things to Nana­ka in order to clear her route. Not once, but twice.

Koko and Nanaka’s routes are the only two routes where you could jump from one to the oth­er at dif­fer­ent points of the sto­ry, and I almost found myself going back to Nana­ka or treat­ing Koko like I treat house roach­es. To be hon­est, I had to go the bab­by method and Ctrl my way through Koko’s route in order to keep my mind intact. I just do not like this girl any­more. There real­ly isn’t any­thing notably bad about her char­ac­ter dur­ing her own route, but I detest­ed her in Nanaka’s route and I liked Nana­ka too much to even enjoy Koko’s hap­pi­ness in this route.

But I will say that Koko’s route served to turn Nana­ka into a much more admirable char­ac­ter. Being able to smile even after los­ing love, her impor­tant hair­cut, etc. Even being a Yume fan­boy, I will say that Nana­ka is one of the coolest female char­ac­ters in DCII. Koko? Uh…. best cook? Too bad Yoshiyu­ki already took that title. Yoshiyu­ki, you da man.

I still don’t know why the ani­me tried to put Koko into the spot­light by putting her into a rela­tion­ship with Yoshiyu­ki right off the bat, as opposed to OTOME OR YUME. And appar­ent­ly he only sees Nana­ka, Anzu, Minat­su as friends. Maybe they were bad at deci­sion mak­ing, I dunno.

loli cake

Anzu Yukimura

Anzu is the ulti­mate dead­pan loli char­ac­ter. She’s basi­cal­ly a female ver­sion of Jade from Tales of the Abyss, only she’s a loli and has sil­ver hair. And of course, all of that means she’s AWESOME.

No mat­ter the route, Anzu and her part­ner in crime, Akane, pro­vides a sub­stan­tial amount of humor in the game while trolling Yoshiyu­ki and oth­er char­ac­ters. Take this and apply it ten more times in her own route and you have a good amount of enter­tain­ment val­ue, at least until things get real.

And in terms of pro­vid­ing feels, Anzu is eas­i­ly the best out of all the char­ac­ters that aren’t Yume and Otome. Being able to remem­ber every sin­gle thing and “nat­u­ral­ly” not being able to for­get any­thing takes the fun and enjoy­ment out of the small­er things in life, such not being able to watch a movie more than once because every­thing is already stored in your head. These pow­ers were grant­ed to Anzu by the Ever­last­ing Saku­ra Tree when she was young, after being con­stant­ly reject­ed by peo­ple due to her men­tal defi­cien­cy. After Yoshiyu­ki gets close to her and becomes her boyfriend, the Ever­last­ing Saku­ra Tree dies, and of course, you can guess what hap­pens next. It puts a real­ly big strain on your heart. It’s real­ly sur­pris­ing how many prob­lems Anzu kept bot­tled inside of her. Up until this point, she’s been a pret­ty light­heart­ed and devi­ous char­ac­ter, but a lot of it is to keep oth­ers from ever wor­ry­ing about her. At least, that was my impres­sion. This is also why Yoshiyu­ki is the first one to ever vis­it her house, where even her best friend Akane has nev­er been invit­ed to, as to not have her fam­i­ly life ques­tioned. Her fam­i­ly back­ground is pret­ty sad.

What’s even more sad is when she starts to become men­tal­ly defi­cient again after the Ever­last­ing Saku­ra Tree starts to with­er, and her most pre­cious mem­o­ries of Yoshiyu­ki and her friends start to dis­ap­pear. In ret­ro­spect, Yoshiyu­ki is in much more pain than Anzu, because even though Anzu is dis­traught by the fact that she’ll for­get the one she loves, Yoshiyu­ki will still remem­ber, and the hurt won’t go away. Every­time he sees Anzu, she won’t remem­ber. Despite a very depress­ing cli­max, there is a hap­py end­ing to all of this. Remem­ber, my fel­low guys, always give your spe­cial girl a birth­day gift that’s mean­ing­ful and from the heart. She will always remem­ber your love when she sees it.

Cute lethal chef

Yume Asakura

Mai wai­fu. The grand­daugh­ter of Jun’ichi, the pro­tag­o­nist of the first Da Capo, and a Nemu-lookalike.

Per­son­al­ly, I think she’s way more cute than her decrepit grandmother.

Yume is anoth­er tsun­dere char­ac­ter, so it’s nat­ur­al that she’d become good friends with Minat­su. How­ev­er, unlike Minat­su, she’s 100% mod­ern Type‑A tsun­dere. “It’s not like I wait­ed out here because I want­ed to see you, stu­pid Nii-san.

Being an old­er broth­er myself, I found myself slight­ly uncom­fort­able with Yoshiyuki’s rela­tion­ship with Yume, since they real­ly did share a brother/sister dynam­ic on top of being raised as actu­al sib­lings, Regard­less of that, I loved her route. The pow­ers that Yume have, the pow­er to see the future through her dreams, is appro­pri­ate giv­en that her name, Yume (spelt with the two kan­ji char­ac­ters 「由夢」), means “sig­nif­i­cant dream“. If you fol­lowed the rec­om­mend­ed route order as I did, this is the first route where you will find out that Yoshiyu­ki will even­tu­al­ly dis­ap­pear upon the death of the Ever­last­ing Saku­ra Tree, because of Yume’s pow­er to fore­see the future in her dreams. And because you fol­lowed this order, this route is where you find out that Yoshiyu­ki isn’t a real per­son, he was an artif­i­cal cre­ation of the Ever­last­ing Saku­ra Tree – cre­at­ed by a wish.

When you think about it, there’s a gigan­tic rea­son why she’s dis­hon­est with her feel­ings towards Yoshiyu­ki. Think about it. You know the per­son you love will even­tu­al­ly dis­ap­pear and leave you all alone in the near future. You’re going to try your best to avoid get­ting into a rela­tion­ship with that per­son to avoid fur­ther heartache, right? There’s a good rea­son for a char­ac­ter to be tsun­dere oth­er than for moe pur­pos­es and I thought it was a nice change of pace. In fact, in flash­backs to their child­hood, Yume was 0% tsun­dere and 100% sugar!

Of course, human love is a fun­ny thing, and Yume decides to go ahead and pur­sue a rela­tion­ship with Yoshiyu­ki any­way after Yoshiyu­ki decides to take their rela­tion­ship fur­ther than “just sib­lings.” Ahhh, hav­ing a cute girl tak­ing care of you when you’re sick. Despite the squick­i­ness, their rela­tion­ship is pret­ty lov­ing, but for some rea­son Yoshiyu­ki is ten times the per­vert he is than in oth­er routes, which brings the squick­i­ness back. See, one of the prob­lems I had with this route was that the h‑scenes were com­plete­ly ran­dom and didn’t fit into the sto­ry as well as the oth­er routes. They were just there just to be there because the writ­ers couldn’t think of a bet­ter way to put them into the route. Fap­pable? Yes. Cer­tain­ly. Nec­es­sary? Less than oth­er girls. A Key-lev­el of nec­es­sary, as in, not at all.

Any­ways, the whole sit­u­a­tion with Yoshiyu­ki dis­ap­pear­ing and how Yume deals with it emo­tion­al­ly is real­ly pow­er­ful, and since it was my first taste of Yoshiyu­ki dis­ap­pear­ing it was espe­cial­ly so, but I thought the con­clu­sion to the route was extreme­ly lack­ing. All we got a “Wel­come back, Nii-san!” and THE END. Real­ly now? They could done a lot bet­ter than that. Show us an embrace! A con­ver­sa­tion! Something!

Even though her route is infe­ri­or to Otome’s route, Yume still remains my favorite girl in this visu­al nov­el. <3

The perfect onee-chan

Otome Asakura

The sor­cer­ess of justice!

Otome’s route didn’t give me a squicky feel­ing like my wai­fu Yume’s route did. She was raised as sib­lings with Yoshiyu­ki as well, but they act more like a new­ly wed cou­ple than actu­al brother/sister, unlike in Yume’s route. In this route, they show what exact­ly Otome has been up to in the lat­er parts of the oth­er routes, which is inves­ti­gat­ing the recent inci­dents on Hat­sune Island that have put peo­ple in dan­ger – which is revealed to be the sub­con­scious wish­es grant­ed indis­crim­i­nate­ly by the Ever­last­ing Saku­ra Tree. Otome, like her grand­fa­ther Jun’ichi and her deceased moth­er Yuki, is a magi­cian whose duty is to pro­tect the lives of the peo­ple on the island with her magic.

The whole sit­u­a­tion with Yoshiyuki’s exis­tence being wiped out is more or less the same as Yume’s route in terms of emo­tion, but it hits hard­er here than it does there – most­ly because Otome is the cause of it. Deal­ing with the choice between sav­ing the lives of the peo­ple of the island and being with her otouto-kun (Yoshiyu­ki) for­ev­er, Yoshiyu­ki, with the desire to pro­tect the home he loves, is forced to con­vince Otome to kill the Ever­last­ing Saku­ra Tree. The next few days are pret­ty intense with Yoshiyu­ki com­ing ever so close to his end and deal­ing with the peo­ple he oncek new for­get­ting him. Man, if it weren’t for Koko and Nanaka’s route, Wataru would have been com­plete­ly lik­able to me since he was pret­ty much a Suno­hara-tier bro in this route. Welp. Know­ing how much of a douchebag he could be kind of ruins things.

The con­clu­sion to the route was a lot more sat­is­fy­ing than Yume’s. After Yoshiyu­ki comes back from his non-exis­tence, we get ACTUAL char­ac­ter inter­ac­tions and an h‑scene (the only one) that isn’t awk­ward­ly placed into the story.

All in all, Otome’s route is pos­si­bly the best route and most well-writ­ten in the entire visu­al nov­el, sec­ond only to Sakura’s D.C. route. Though Anzu’s route comes pret­ty close.

Speak­ing of Sakura’s route, which is com­ing up next in this review, they give us the first taste of it in Otome’s route where Yoshiyu­ki encoun­ters her in a dream, where she reveals the truth behind his birth, the tree, and final­ly being called “mom” by Yoshiyu­ki after all this time. Pret­ty strong stuff.

The perfect mom

Sakura Yoshino ~Da Capo~

Oh boy. THE CONCLUSION! Not a romance route, con­sid­er­ing this loli-woman is basi­cal­ly the moth­er of the MC, which would make that pret­ty dis­gust­ing. Instead, the D.C. route, nick­named the Saku­ra route, is more of a tool used to clar­i­fy the details of the plot. Main­ly why the Ever­last­ing Saku­ra Tree start­ed bloom­ing again even though it with­ered away in the first Da Capo. Oh yeah, Yoshiyu­ki gets a sprite and a voice in this route, which is extreme­ly jar­ring con­sid­er­ing the game was from a first-per­son point of view and the guy was unvoiced up until now.

Hail­ing from the orig­i­nal Da Capo, Saku­ra, tor­ment­ed by lone­li­ness after the (canon) Nemu route, is the one respon­si­ble for breed­ing the cur­rent Ever­last­ing Saku­ra Tree. Unlike the tree from the first visu­al nov­el, which grant­ed wish­es from those with pure hearts, the cur­rent Saku­ra tree grants wish­es indis­crim­i­nate­ly. The whole rea­son being was so that she could cre­ate a fam­i­ly of her own like her onii-chan, Jun’ichi, and his wife, Nemu. And thus, Yoshiyu­ki, “her son”, was born. Of course, like the first tree, this tree also had a fatal flaw and even­tu­al­ly Saku­ra lost con­trol of its pow­er, lead­ing to Saku­ra leav­ing Yoshiyu­ki in the Asaku­ra house­hold dur­ing his child­hood so she could reg­u­late the tree’s pow­er. At least, to my understanding.

Flash for­ward to the present, and we take a look into Sakura’s thoughts and what she has been up to dur­ing the main routes. Even though she appeared very pep­py and full of life while we were play­ing as Yoshiyu­ki, Saku­ra has been hold­ing a lot of bur­den on her shoul­ders, and when­ev­er she con­vers­es with Yoshiyu­ki, who has recent­ly moved into her house­hold as sug­gest­ed by Jun’ichi, it’s clear that he is real­ly the only thing keep­ing her smil­ing and going. It’s even sad­der when you real­ize that the only times you’ve seen her in the oth­er routes, the only rea­son why she’s so hap­py is because she’s spend­ing time with her son. You’d think she was like that because it was in her char­ac­ter, but she wasn’t, she was hold­ing back the tears the entire time.

The D.C. was cer­tain­ly a roller coast­er of emo­tions, from Sakura’s impor­tant hair­cut, Yoshiyu­ki call­ing her “mom”, and her basi­cal­ly giv­ing her life to merge with the tree in order to keep every­one hap­py. Even though every con­flict in the sto­ry has been her fault, you just can’t hate her for it. You sym­pa­thize with her lone­li­ness and end up lik­ing her char­ac­ter because her good inten­tions. In the end though, her sub­con­scious­ness comes back to life long enough for her to will her beloved son back into exis­tence so he could be with his loved ones. Every­one except for her.

As it appears she has been trans­port­ed to what appears to be Lon­don, hold­ing a cut­ting of the Ever­last­ing Saku­ra Tree, and appears to have amne­sia while talk­ing to a mys­te­ri­ous girl. You guessed it! This is a lead-in to Da Capo III! Will Sakura’s suf­fer­ing final­ly be put to rest? Keep up with Wahfuu’s moon­run­ing of Da Capo III to find out!

You know what? I'll take both

Final Thoughts

While at first glance, Da Capo II may seem like a cook­ie-cut­ter visu­al nov­el. How­ev­er, when you dive into it, you’re treat­ed to a cast of won­der­ful char­ac­ters that may make you smile even if you’re in a bad mood, even though a small amount of them might get under your skin. Sto­ry? Hit or miss depend­ing on the route, but the theme of lone­li­ness remains con­sis­tent in all of them, and is pre­sent­ed espe­cial­ly well in the final two routes + Sakura’s epi­logue. I think Cir­cus out­did them­selves there, despite claim­ing that this was mere­ly a par­o­dy of Key visu­al nov­els (accord­ing to Wahfuu).

It’s always won­der­ful to see a par­o­dy stand on its own two feet and still man­age to be a good piece of writ­ing. I hoped you enjoyed my ram­blings about a visu­al nov­el with­in a series of end­less expan­sions and fandiscs.

4 thoughts on “Da Capo II: Scenario Reviews

  1. For the record, I nev­er said this was a Key par­o­dy, Steven did.

    Nev­er-the-less, for the Non-VN guy, this was pret­ty fun to read even though I’ve already read the VN. I per­son­al­ly thought the Yoshiyu­ki voice and sprite was an awe­some addi­tion. I must say his voice sound­ed noth­ing like I immag­ined it though.

    Must say, the fact that Kiy­ota­ka in D.C.3 sees Saku­ra as a girl(a cute one) after play­ing D.C.2 where you see her as a moth­er fig­ure is a bit awk­ward now.

  2. @Wafuu: Know­ing who the mys­tery girl Saku­ra is talk­ing to in Da Capo II is so trip­py! And know­ing that the amne­sia basi­cal­ly did a total reset on Sakura’s per­soan­l­i­ty dri­ves me nuts.

    I just hope D.C.III gets trans­lat­ed soon so I can go through it myself.

  3. i got­ta say im dis­a­point­ed from this game. theres a part where u choose to go to the cafe­tria and make bet about what spe­cial christ­mas food will there be, and i want­ed to say “christ­mass tree shaped cook­ies!” but it said turkey! (P.S. i did not have any choise of what to say)

  4. @tom THAT was what made you dis­ap­point­ed in the visu­al novel?

    P.S. No visu­al nov­el lets you do choic­es you “want”, you have to choose what­ev­er selec­tion is pre­sent­ed to you.

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