Ragging on Japan for no reason — not doing the research


…What am I say­ing to these girls? No mat­ter what I choose they always seem to have sex with me.”


Yeah. Yeah, this guy is a moron.

Jok­ing about Japan’s per­verse media is all in good fun. That is, when it applies. When it does­n’t, you just come across as a giant bigot.

Which is exact­ly what this is. 

Con­cep­tion: Ore no Kodomo wo Undekure! (lit­er­al­ly “Con­cep­tion: Please Give Birth to My Child!”), sur­pris­ing­ly enough, is not about hav­ing sex with Japan­ese teenagers, impreg­nat­ing them with your seed, and lev­el grind­ing their chil­dren. In fact, the con­cep­tion of the Star Chil­dren, as they are called in the RPG, have absolute­ly noth­ing to do with sex in the slight­est. You court girls, yes, but it does not lead to sex.

This guy is prob­a­bly one of those peo­ple that act like they’ve seen an orgy in regards to adult visu­al nov­els that have a five minute h‑scene in a game with eight hours worth of text. Seri­ous­ly man, you’re not a freakin’ 5‑year-old. ‑_-

I guess the title can be mis­lead­ing, but as pro­fes­sion­al jour­nal­ists, would it have killed them to actu­al­ly DO THEIR RESEARCH instead of using it as an excuse to make racist jabs at the moon and its peo­ple? It’s an obscure JRPG, but holy damn, I found infor­ma­tion on it! They got a hold of game­play footage but not accu­rate info about the game? Typ­i­cal GameSpot. I find it hilar­i­ous that he hard­ly even tried to rag on the two min­utes worth of COMPLETELY UNINTERESTING footage shown of that ter­ri­ble Dino Beat­down game and was quick to jump on the JRPG for being about cre­at­ing child. (How the hell do you man­age to make a game about dinosaurs look bor­ing and unin­ter­est­ing, anyway?!)

Pok­ing fun at games like Gal*Gun is fun­ny because it’s lit­er­al­ly noth­ing but skirt-flip­ping (albeit, skirt-flip­ping made for recre­ation­al fun on the console…don’t ask me how that hap­pened). Mak­ing fun of this was not… because I real­ly saw noth­ing wrong with the con­cept, oth­er than tak­ing the title out of con­text and giv­ing peo­ple a false impres­sion on what might have oth­er­wise been a decent game.

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