Sword Art Online 09: Unbalanced Skills FTW

Roleplaying the tsun makes it easy to be dishonest with yourself

I…it’s not like I’m hap­py that you like my cook­ing or anything.”

Just as I expect­ed from the pre­vi­ous episode, the series is start­ing to pick up!

There was plen­ty of char­ac­ter devel­op­ment and plot rev­e­la­tions, and at the same time, plen­ty of Kiri­A­su to enjoy. =D

forever alone

Oi, Kir­i­to. How about a boy’s night out? Remem­ber our friend­ship pact, men need no wo-… what is this?

Wait, does a per­son die if he does lag out of the game? Oh damn, peo­ple who weren’t able to play SAO on max set­tings were SCREWED due to tech­ni­cal­i­ties, or at the very least, have lived two years sur­round­ed by bad textures.

Activi­sion and Bliz­zard, find­ing new ways to screw over their cus­tomers in 2024

I guess I'll let Kirito raise her flags

Klein is a Grade A Bro. After all of that Asuna fan­boy­ing, he goes and adds more awe­some fuel to the pair­ing. Good friends, for the win!

Sgt. Herp Derp

lol herp derp imma have fun play­ing com­man­der army leeroy guy even though lives are at stake


Kir­i­to acquir­ing an awe­some­ly over­pow­ered dual-wield­ing skill leads me to spec­u­late that Kaya­ba pro­grammed cer­tain unique skills for every play­er in the game. If so, why make them so over­pow­ered? A play­er who isn’t at the right lev­el to fight a cer­tain boss sud­den­ly has the pow­er to take them out because of one skill. That’s pret­ty unbalanced.

Is there a cost? There prob­a­bly is. There has to be a catch, or else I call BS.


Her embrace is hard enough to cel­e­brate the lives of ten peo­ple, she’s will­ing to give up a high posi­tion in a high-rank­ing guild just to par­ty with you, she acts flus­tered when you com­pli­ment her cook­ing, etc.

C’mon, Kir­i­to. It can’t get as obvi­ous as that. There’s a lim­it to being social­ly awk­ward in areas out­side of com­put­er games!


Win = Asuna is your prize.


I kind of see what they’re going for here. It’ll be inter­est­ing if Kir­i­to los­es, and is forced to put his solo­ing to a halt.

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