Sword Art Online Chapter 16.5 — Two years worth of EXP flowed into Asuna *GLOP GLOP*

So yeah, yes­ter­day’s post about Sword Art Online had me jok­ing about the fact that Asuna was insin­u­at­ing that they could have sex in SAO when she start­ed strip­ping in front of Kir­i­to. Because my com­mon sense told me that it was obvi­ous­ly impos­si­ble to do so unless they want­ed to teabag the whole night. Hours lat­er, I found about that the author of the nov­els had a bonus chap­ter on his website…

*drum rolls*

Where Kirito and Asuna have sex in a CERO B video game.


…Wait, what?

So, lemme get this straight. An MMO devel­oped by a major gam­ing com­pa­ny imple­ment­ed a fea­ture in which two play­ers are able to engage in sim­u­lat­ed inter­course. A game that was hyped up to an unbe­liev­able lev­el of noto­ri­ety before its release and appar­ent­ly had a CERO rat­ing low enough that minors are allowed to own the game or have it bought by their par­ents. A game that feels so real, it might as well replace real life.

Welp. 2022. Birth rates in Japan decrease even more. No won­der this whole brain-fry­ing predica­ment hap­pened in the first place. Accord­ing to Reki Kawa­hara, ten years from now Japan’s video game safe­ty checks and cen­sor­ship becomes so lenient that they become lazy at the same time. Now, my ques­tion is, do they still blur out the gen­i­talia in SAO? lololol 

GLOP GLOP GLOP all over silica


Looks like I’m going to have to ignore the BS extras that the author put into the web nov­els if I’m going to take this series at least some­what seriously. 😛

8 thoughts on “Sword Art Online Chapter 16.5 — Two years worth of EXP flowed into Asuna *GLOP GLOP*

  1. Acc­tu­al­ly the expla­na­tion was that dur­ing the bet­ta test, male play­ers who expe­ri­enced the full dive for the first time com­plained that it was dis­turb­ing to be miss­ing body parts in such a real­is­tic world and the com­pa­ny there­fore decid­ed to make the play­er avatars anatom­i­cal­ly correct.

  2. @M1k3y: That’s even more ridicu­lous that they tried to hand-wave it with an expla­na­tion like that.

    I want a func­tion­ing penis in this game. Thanks Blizzard!”

    Don’t wor­ry play­ers, we’re here to serve you. Oh yeah, it’s still open for kids and teenagers.”

    The prospect of it is just too sil­ly. I just can’t take it seri­ous­ly, sor­ry. There’s sus­pen­sion of dis­be­lief, and then there’s a real­ly bad excuse to write (bad) erot­ic con­tent in an MMO story.

  3. M1k3y’s expla­na­tion is mis­lead­ing. It’s not that the beta testers just com­plained, it’s that there was a notable change in their men­tal health after being in a dive for more than 48 hours. Why they would be test­ing for 48+ hour gam­ing ses­sions is beyond me.

    That aside, I felt the chap­ter was just incred­i­bly awk­ward for var­i­ous rea­sons. For one, at least in the trans­la­tion I was read­ing, Kir­i­to is explain­ing the whole expe­ri­ence, and as he’s explain­ing it, he dives down these ‘scene-jus­ti­fi­ca­tion’ tan­gents and returns to the mat­ter at hand with an apol­o­gy for digress­ing. As well, it hap­pens to be both char­ac­ter’s first times at going at it (and Asuna admits to ‘play­ing sin­gle play­er’ in SAO, which is how she knows the option works), but Kir­i­to is the bold­est vir­gin I’ve ever heard of.

    Prob­a­bly the most dis­turb­ing part of the whole scene is the fact that the author NEVER lets the read­er for­get that it’s tak­ing place in a game. With the low amount of story/world devel­op­ment in the chap­ter cou­pled with the fact that it’s writ­ten in such an awk­ward (and dis­turb­ing) way, I fail to see what Kawa­hara was try­ing to accom­plish with it. 

    I’m glad I read it though. I find myself crav­ing to know more about the full dive tech­nol­o­gy and the sto­ries sur­round­ing it, which is why I’m thor­ough­ly enjoy­ing the first part of vol­ume 5. It seems that the more point­less the info is, the more inter­est­ed I am. This is a feel­ing I nev­er had until I start­ed read­ing the nov­els before watch­ing the anime.

  4. @Mikoto and @E0000B6FAF25838, I can under­stand your feel­ings of awk­ward­ness about the scene, but I feel you two are look­ing at it the wrong way.

    First, I under­stand that you feel that it’s weird to have the fea­ture in the game, espe­cial­ly because of minors play­ing the game. If the game were real, and the fea­ture were real, then there would def­i­nite­ly be parental con­trols to pre­vent younger play­ers from using this fea­ture. That’s why there was the ethics code in the first place. 

    It’s weird to think about sim­u­lat­ed sex, but why not inte­grate it? Peo­ple are always look­ing for new ways to expe­ri­ence each oth­er. There’s noth­ing wrong with explo­ration, and at least in a VR world, you don’t have teens get­ting knocked up. It may be uneth­i­cal, because we’re not used to the idea, but there are plen­ty of 16/17 year old teens going at as we speak. It’s kind of human nature to want that kind of rela­tion­ship. So the game offers a safer means to have ‘fun.’

    If you’re look­ing at the this added chap­ter from our point of view (not from the per­spec­tive of the play­ers or that real­i­ty), then I feel the author added this sec­tion to devel­op the rela­tion­ship between Asuna and Kir­i­to fur­ther. The two char­ac­ters had gone through a lot togeth­er, and the author want­ed to show how much the two trust­ed each oth­er. That’s the point of sex right? Unless you’re a pig and just like to get off, you care about your part­ner. I feel sex should be an expres­sion of deeply linked feel­ings between two peo­ple. That’s how I inter­pret the scene between Kir­i­to and Asuna, and why I feel it was added into the story.

    On the oth­er hand, look­ing at it from with­in the ‘real­i­ty’ itself, I could under­stand why the fea­ture was added. The fea­ture would allow for a larg­er demo­graph­ic to be reached which means high­er prof­it mar­gins. It allows for users to bond in ways they could not nor­mal­ly do in oth­er games which would offer a unique game­play option.

    I know it seems triv­ial, and you could ask your­self, “why do you need to have sex to enjoy a game?” I sup­pose you don’t, but that’s besides the point in this case. The fea­ture was added to sep­a­rate this game from the rest of them. They cre­at­ed a world that is almost insep­a­ra­ble from the orig­i­nal world in ‘every’ way. Com­mer­cial­ly speak­ing, I’d say the fea­ture would have a lot more sup­port to include it than not to include it.

    You could hon­est­ly look at it as online dat­ing. What’s wrong with that? Maybe I’m a lit­tle to lib­er­al, who knows? I hope you don’t take offense to my rant. 🙂 I just feel there is noth­ing wrong with the fea­ture or the author’s want to add the con­tent to the story.

    1. @Crimson http://i.imgur.com/92ZJnki.jpg
      😀 mfw an over­weight dude want­i­ng some sweet young pussy plays as a hand­some young avatar, and the cute teen girl he’s been bang­ing turns out to be a 50-year old predator.
      I’m no prude, but the whole sex sys­tem thing sounds like it would go down­hill real­ly quick­ly. Does­n’t sound safe at all. The future should real­ly just stick to sin­gle-play­er VR Illu­sion games if peo­ple real­ly need to get their rocks off. Want a rela­tion­ship? Become a ria­juu and get one in real life. Con­doms and pills exist for cou­ples that aren’t ready for lit­tle sur­pris­es (though see­ing the birth rates of Japan, lit­tle sur­pris­es would be wel­come), includ­ing ado­les­cents (such as myself, huz­zah 😛 ) whose brains won’t be ful­ly devel­oped until they’re 25 and should be learn­ing from real life expe­ri­ences any­way. Also, online dat­ing reeks.
      I’m not much of a fan of Sword Art Online nor its writ­ing, but feel free to like it as you so choose. After sit­ting through more than enough of it and oth­ers (Accel World, Log Hori­zon, etc.) I can safe­ly say that I don’t real­ly like MMO ani­me. Per­haps the rea­son why I actu­al­ly like the .hack series is because their por­tray­al of MMO escapism is ground­ed in real­i­ty and the dialogue/plot/characters were three-dimen­sion­al and had focus — at no point did I ever feel like I was watch­ing it “because it’s about a total­ly boss VRMMO video game” like the rea­son for some peo­ple enjoy­ing the oth­er afore­men­tioned series. 

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