Hyouka 21

Kininari... sad?

Episodes cen­ter­ing around Valen­tine’s Day usu­al­ly tend to be all flow­ers and sun­shine, maybe even com­i­cal. Sur­pris­ing­ly, Hyou­ka man­aged to make its Valen­tine’s Day episode a spi­ral of emo­tions. It was par­tic­u­lar­ly jar­ring to see Chi­tan­da act angry or depressed about any­thing, at least. Or see­ing Satoshi going about some­thing in an extreme­ly dick­ish and alarm­ing way, despite him being easy­go­ing most of the time. Or see­ing the apa­thet­ic Houtarou very open­ly give two shits about some­thing right off the bat. 

Looks like they’re try­ing to end Hyou­ka off with a char­ac­ter-focused bang before the end of the sea­son and KyoAni’s doing a good job of it. 

i'll show you a valentine's day you'll never forget

My reac­tion to Satoshi’s rea­son for play­ing “hard to get” with Maya­ka can be summed up by Houtarou towards the end of the episode — “I just don’t get it.”

While I can under­stand that his rather unhealthy “treat­ment” for his win­ning com­plex and try­ing erase his desires in pur­su­ing any­thing worth devot­ing him­self to is relat­ed to his low self-con­fi­dence (which was shown a few episodes back), I hon­est­ly don’t under­stand how deeply-root­ed it is for him to com­plete­ly dis­re­gard the feel­ings of his close friends with the staged “stolen choco­late” mys­tery (com­plete­ly saw it com­ing, by the way). I mean, it has to be deeply-root­ed for a high school kid to refuse a cute rela­tion­ship with a cute girl because of it. He still has his youth, there’s absolute­ly no rea­son for him to try and act like his life would be ruined by putting a lit­tle com­mit­ment into some­thing. If any­thing, active­ly avoid­ing things that you might want to invest enjoy­ment in is a waste of that youth, more than anything. 

He’s indi­rect­ly pro­ject­ing his per­son­al prob­lems onto oth­er peo­ple, per­son­al prob­lems that only he can com­pre­hend. That’s pret­ty self­ish. In con­trast to Hotarou, I say Satoshi putting all of his ener­gy into being JUST a “human data­base” is just as pro­duc­tive as Houtarou pre­fer­ring to not use that ener­gy for any­thing if nec­es­sary. I like how dimen­sion­al his char­ac­ter is, but I seri­ous­ly think he may have some kind of men­tal dis­or­der with the way he goes about things.

I'm not being obvious, am I?

No, not at all

If there are any dis­ap­point­ments left­over for when the series final­ly con­cludes, I will say it will because of the whole Houtarou/Chitanda thing going nowhere. They show so many signs of both phys­i­cal and emo­tion­al attrac­tion that it would just be a cru­el tease if noth­ing comes out of it. 

Espe­cial­ly with Kyoto Ani­ma­tion’s habit of leav­ing behind real­ly good series in favor of focus­ing on news things to drop. If Hyou­ka ends on note where it’s open for a sec­ond series… WELP.

2 thoughts on “Hyouka 21

  1. Well, mega-prob­a­bil­i­ty there will be no kiss. Houtarou is (gen­er­al­ly) not going to show emo­tion, and what is expressed is an emo­tion of con­trol (grab­bing both Chi­tan­da and Satoshi). On the oth­er hand, Chi­tan­da is grow­ing up in a fam­i­ly that does­n’t give out­ward expres­sions of car­ing, so a kiss is defin­te­ly out for her. We might get a few sec­onds of hand-hold­ing, and a cou­ple of sheep­ish smiles, but nei­ther would go so out-of-the-box as to kiss. If there is a sec­ond sea­son, when­ev­er that hap­pens, I’d like to see, maybe, Houtarou use his skills to help with a prob­lem at the shrine, then maybe some­thing that helps Chi­tan­da’s fam­i­ly, grad­u­al­ly expand­ing his cir­cle of acquain­t­ences out­side of school. For Satoshi and Maya­ka, maybe he finds use for his data­base exper­tise with some­thing that helps the Man­ga Club and the two of them work on a man­ga togeth­er. I guess we’ll find out. I’ve enjoyed this ani­me as long as I haven’t tried to com­pare it to oth­ers very much.

  2. @SmithCB: Those seem to be very nice ideas going by how their char­ac­ters work. I also don’t see any­thing more inti­mate hap­pen­ing between Houtarou and Chi­tan­da when the sea­son con­cludes, and I kind of expect KyoAni to beat around the bush with a sec­ond sea­son. I’m fine if they left it open if they were going to make a sec­ond sea­son, and if they were, I expect them to con­tin­ue with their oth­er series too (FMP, Haruhi, Lucky Star, and even K‑ON!, still have ongo­ing sources like Hyou­ka that painful­ly deserve it).

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