Sword Art Online 12

Aura--I mean Yui ,doesn't die

Aw man, the feels were strong in this episode. which eas­i­ly makes this the best episode yet for SAO (aside from the first episode). The log­ic in this episode was pret­ty crap (the rather care­less place­ment of the GM con­sole with­in the game, Kirito/Asuna’s suprema­cy of hap­pi­ness with­in a sea of hun­dreds being added to their plot armor, Kir­i­to’s inhu­man pro­gram­ming abil­i­ty that allowed him to poof a game object with­in sec­onds, etc. which are all prob­a­bly explained in the light nov­els), but I don’t care.

Yui’s heart is still alive and I’m hap­py. 😀 Just when I was prepar­ing a rant in my mind about how sus­pi­cious­ly sim­i­lar Yui is to .hack’s Aura (with that giant sword of hax and being the ulti­mate human-like AI that over­sees the play­ers of the game), they went and “killed” her off in a spec­tac­u­lar fash­ion that wrecked the dad­dy in me.

There was some good sen­ti­men­tal­i­ty in this episode — hope­ful­ly the next batch of episodes aren’t about the glopfest lovey-dovey mar­riage between Kir­i­to and Asuna. The high stan­dard that the first episode set kind of makes all the wish-ful­fill­ment appeal extreme­ly obvi­ous in lat­er episodes. I usu­al­ly don’t mind such things in small dos­es, but it gets rather obnox­ious when it gets shoved down the view­er’s throat all at once. And I like the pair­ing, which makes it even more annoy­ing because if they don’t tune it down a notch, they’ll ruin it. Seri­ous­ly, I’d like to learn a lit­tle bit more about the char­ac­ter them­selves before I see them sleep in the same bed… 

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