Dubbies are as simple-minded as subbies


Hm, what’s this now? Did I strike a nerve?

I’m not speak­ing for every­one who prefers Japan­ese audio in their Japan­ese media, but this is how I per­son­al­ly feel about dub fan­boys. Fan­boys, mind you, not fans. That, or peo­ple that think Japan­ese voice pref­er­ences are the qual­i­ties of low­er life­forms. I like a hand­ful of dubs myself, so I can’t exact­ly be clas­si­fied as a dub-hater, either. Just get­ting it out there before any­one jumps on me for being a fan­boy of subs/raws. Truth is, I also can’t stand peo­ple who treat Japan­ese as the only lan­guage that deserves to exist either (it’s an awe­some lan­guage, mind you, but word­ing it like that’s just going too far). 

How­ev­er, enough dub fan­boys have rant­ed about such peo­ple in recent years, and the way they go about it is get­ting more and more obnox­ious as the years go on. Even more obnox­ious than the peo­ple who treat Japan as the only coun­try worth exist­ing. I feel the need to step in and give my own thoughts on the mat­ter by pick­ing apart com­mon gen­er­al­iza­tions regard­ing peo­ple who pre­fer to watch their ani­me and play Japan­ese video games in Japan­ese. Basi­cal­ly, why these peo­ple (who act like it’s a cool thing to call peo­ple “weaboos” just because they pre­fer Japan­ese voic­es for cer­tain things) are IDIOTS.

I like Japan. You got a problem?

Reasons why the modern form of “weaboo” and Wapanese are retarded.

While flaunt­ing words and phras­es you don’t under­stand and incor­po­rat­ing them into every day speech is under­stand­ably annoy­ing, there’s noth­ing inher­ent­ly bad about being inter­est­ed in a cul­ture oth­er than your own.

I get called a weaboo sim­ply for lik­ing Japan’s media and being inter­est­ed in its lan­guage and cul­ture. When­ev­er I claim to pre­fer Japan­ese audio in my JRPGs or ani­me, I’m writ­ten off as a crazy Japanophile for not lis­ten­ing to it in Eng­lish. Dub fan­boys have begun using this term in com­pen­sa­tion for their Eng­lish dubs being crit­i­cized by sub fan­boys (what ever hap­pened to the whole “Two wrongs don’t make a right” philosophy?).

I hard­ly ever seem to find any instance of some­body who is inter­est­ed in Span­ish cul­ture and music be bom­bard­ed by deroga­to­ry terms com­pared to peo­ple who are equal­ly inter­est­ed in Japan. I blame this on how main­stream ani­me as got­ten, and as a result, inter­est in Japan has got­ten loud­er and the insan­i­ty with­in that space became more visible.

But hon­est­ly, now peo­ple are just using deroga­to­ry terms to attack any­one who is *just* inter­est­ed in the cul­ture at the very least. Weaboo, which start­ed as term to look down on peo­ple who were over­ly obsessed with Japan (as a Wapanese fil­ter in-joke to this com­ic which coined the term, which has noth­ing to do with Japan at all) on 4chan (nev­er mind the fact that it start­ed as an image­board which was used to dis­cuss Japan­ese cul­ture) became one of the most overused (and frankly annoy­ing) insult used in today’s moron­ic, anti-Japan soci­ety (see, I can use straw men too!). It’s like unin­formed morons who call green­tex­ting “arrowtexting/memetexting” or call image macros “memes.” They make them­selves look stu­pid and don’t even real­ize it.

I’m not as both­ered by Wapanese, since there’s no rustlin’ of them jim­mies in terms of usage, but I’m curi­ous if there’s a term to insult peo­ple who are inter­est­ed in Mex­i­can cul­ture. Or Euro­pean cul­ture. Or any oth­er cul­ture besides Japan­ese. I’m pret­ty sure there are peo­ple who obsessed over any cul­ture, but Japan was unlucky enough to have ani­me become main­stream enough to attract very vocal peo­ple. Although, I think those are most­ly Naru­tards, and they should be classed as some­thing dif­fer­ent alto­geth­er in my opinion.

The thing that gets me the most with the usage of these terms is when they’re used on some­one… who turns out to be Japan­ese. WHOOPS. You know aver­sion to peo­ple lik­ing Japan­ese cul­ture is bad when JAPANESE-AMERICANS and ENGLISH-SPEAKING JAPANESE PEOPLE get shit for lik­ing Japan­ese things.

Halko Momoi is awesome

Why would you want to listen to languages you don’t understand, you plebeian weaboos?”

You know, oth­er than the fact that these things were pro­duced by the Japan­ese… There’s noth­ing bad about lis­ten­ing to them in their native lan­guage as much as it is lis­ten­ing to them in Eng­lish. Plus, I under­stand a bit of Japan­ese and am inter­est in becom­ing flu­ent in the lan­guage. Ani­me, visu­al nov­els, and man­ga should­n’t be the source of where one learns Japan­ese, but it’s a great tool for prac­tic­ing your lis­ten­ing skills, nev­er­the­less, espe­cial­ly since it makes the prac­tice fun. Even if one does not know the lan­guage, it’s not a crazy con­cept for one to find the sound of the lan­guage appeal­ing. Any­one who likes how the Ger­man lan­guage sounds can empathize with this (if not, you’re being gigan­tic hyp­ocrites about it).

Why would some­one want to watch an Ital­ian film in Ital­ian? A Span­ish movie in Span­ish? The list goes on. Grant­ed, ani­ma­tion is a com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent mon­ster — there are actu­al­ly good dubs as opposed to dubs of live-action movies in which it just looks unnat­ur­al, but the appeal of watch­ing some­thing in its native lan­guage still applies.

Of course, quite a few peo­ple who are crazy about dubs get riled up when their dubs are changed, like in the case of Project Zero II: Wii Edi­tion (Fatal Frame II: Deep Crim­son But­ter­fly), in which the dub got changed from Amer­i­can-Eng­lish to Eng­lish due to local­iza­tion issues (being head­ed by Nin­ten­do of Europe vs. Tec­mo’s Amer­i­can branch). The fans were very vocal about their thoughts on the Eng­lish accents. Because, you know, no oth­er accent fits these Japan­ese set­tings and char­ac­ters bet­ter than good ol’ Mid­west­ern American.

Yeah, I sense a dou­ble stan­dard. Amer­i­ca, fawk yeah!

It’s even worse with the Eng­lish Tales fan­dom. While a good num­ber of peo­ple pre­fer the Japan­ese voic­es yet still love the Eng­lish dubs for the games, there is a very vocal minor­i­ty (or is it major­i­ty? I don’t know any­more) who put the Eng­lish VAs on a pedestal and write off any­body who wants dual audio as weaboos who are ask­ing for too much. Look, I appre­ci­ate Tales of Graces f being local­ized and Tales of Xil­lia being on its way to the west. Heck, I would appre­ci­ate any Tales game being local­ized since they hard­ly ever come here. But that does­n’t make it unrea­son­able for me to want a dual audio option, not like the Eng­lish voice act­ing, etc. or make the con­cept of dual audio a bad idea just because there’s a few extra bucks involved. There are peo­ple so against the idea, which baf­fles me. Does it dis­gusts you that Japan­ese would be includ­ed in the options menu? Heck, should­n’t dual audio be the best of both worlds and make the game a bit more mar­ketable? I pre­fer lis­ten­ing to Tales in Japan­ese because the voice actors are syn­ony­mous with their char­ac­ters and con­tin­u­ous­ly appear to voice them in side mate­ri­als and spin-offs (which Amer­i­ca DOESN’T get). I don’t feel the same con­nec­tion with the Eng­lish ones. Anoth­er prob­lem I have with the Eng­lish dubs of these games is that despite the dub being most­ly good, there are still sub­tle changes here and there in the trans­la­tion and voice direc­tion that com­plete­ly change the orig­i­nal intention.

if you want it in its orig­i­nal lan­guage, then why not just import it?

You do know that import­ed goods are EXPENSIVE right? Espe­cial­ly Japan­ese video games? Excuse me for want­i­ng to expe­ri­ence the Japan­ese voic­es in a afford­able (and under­stand­able) way. Espe­cial­ly in a series that’s so pre­dom­i­nant­ly Japan­ese, it’s crazy.

I just find it extreme­ly fun­ny that in Eng­lish-speak­ing fan­doms (name­ly the Tales fan­dom), peo­ple that want to hear a for­eign lan­guage get blast­ed with “WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO LISTEN TO A LANGUAGE YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND?” while in places like France where their Japan­ese games ONLY get the Eng­lish dub, peo­ple who want to get a dub in their lan­guage get a “WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO LISTEN TO A LANGUAGE YOU UNDERSTAND?” treat­ment.

That said, I won­der if there’s a deroga­to­ry term for Japan­ese fans of Dis­ney films, who pre­fer the orig­i­nal Eng­lish dubs over their hor­ren­dous Japan­ese dubs. Since, you know, want­i­ng to watch some­thing in its native lan­guage is such a dis­gust­ing and non­sen­si­cal thing to do. There prob­a­bly isn’t, since those movies were orig­i­nal­ly in *Eng­lish* and cer­tain­ly *Eng­lish* is *always* the right way to go no mat­ter what the cir­cum­stances! Or maybe it’s because it’s a rea­son­able con­cept. *gasp*

Yeah, what are you gonna do about it?

tl;dr I’m not a “weaboo” for pre­fer­ring Japan­ese voic­es in my anime/manga/visual novels/videogames/whatever.

…I may be when it con­cerns oth­er stuff, but that alone does not make me a “weaboo.” 😛

5 thoughts on “Dubbies are as simple-minded as subbies

  1. first time i’ve heard of sub/dub fan­boys. haha. but there’s noth­ing wrong with lik­ing either. i find it stu­pid peo­ple are call­ing out each oth­er for lik­ing sub or dub. i like both.

  2. TPAB: I like both too and frankly hate the wars, but the dub fan­boys tend to get a lot more offen­sive and tend to gen­er­al­ize the sub fans them­selves rather than make con­struc­tive crit­i­cisms about the Japan­ese voice act­ing, so I felt the need to write this. lol

  3. I work with peo­ple of sev­er­al nation­al­i­ties, and I’m always care­ful to point out that I am extreme­ly lucky to have been born in the US Mid­west, ‘cuz that’s the only place in the world where peo­ple don’t have an accent… (yeah, that’s their reac­tion, too). I know some Japan­ese, I’m using Roset­ta Stone as well, and plan­ning to take some cours­es, but yes I watch subbed ani­me, but with the sound turned UP so I can lis­ten. There is a lot of local idiom that makes fol­low­ing some sen­tences next to impos­si­ble, but when I was in the Nether­lands with a friend, and talked to a ‘local’ there who had a decent hold on Eng­lish, I could still rat­tle off a sen­tence that was per­fect­ly under­stand­able to my friend and total­ly incom­pre­hen­si­ble to the ‘local’. I think a big prob­lem with dub­bing is that there are attempts to mim­ic the cadence and pitch of the Japan­ese that just does­n’t come across in Eng­lish, for exam­ple, because we just don’t talk like that. I real­ly enjoyed Ghost in the Shell (Eng­lish) and even Naruto/Bleach, but Hay­ate the Com­bat But­ler and oth­ers were a total fail­ure. I’ve real­ly atuned my ear to the the orig­i­nal seiyuu casts, I guess. Any­way, Domo Arri­ga­to, Nguyen-Sem­pai for the oppor­tu­ni­ty to post.

  4. I haven’t real­ly had expe­ri­ence with the kind of dub fan­boys you’re talk­ing about. Just about all the ani­me fans I know and have talked to either pre­fer subs over dubs, or they pre­fer dubs but don’t have any­thing against watch­ing ani­me in Japan­ese either (prob­a­bly helps that a lot of ani­me released in the US nowa­days go straight to sub­ti­tled stream­ing or DVD/BD and don’t even get an Eng­lish dub). The com­plaints about the Japan­ese ver­sions I typ­i­cal­ly hear are that the girls’ voic­es are too high-pitched and annoy­ing, but not to the extreme of not watch­ing ani­me in Japan­ese at all. I think these kinds of anti-Japan­ese fan­boys you’re talk­ing about exist in video game fan­dom more than ani­me fan­dom. But yeah, the dub ver­sus sub thing has always been kin­da point­less in my opin­ion as both have their mer­its for dif­fer­ent peo­ple depend­ing on how they want to watch and relate to anime.

    1. @Yumeka: I’m very envi­ous that you nev­er have, because the peo­ple that do every­thing that I men­tioned real­ly put a thorn on my sides since I don’t bode well with big­otry. 😛 And recent­ly, there seems to be a lot of big­otry involved with peo­ple not lik­ing dubs. Dub fan­boys are more preva­lent in cer­tain ani­me fan­doms more than oth­ers (and on forums), most­ly due to the whole “call­ing every­thing weaboo” fad became the new way to be “inter­net cool.” In gen­er­al, yeah, it’s more vocal when it comes to JRPGs rather than ani­me itself (mod­ern dubs of video games not being com­plete­ly atro­cious any­more), but it tends to bleed into the sub­ject of ani­me and those vocal about it tend to write off the ani­me fan­dom as a bunch of Japanophile cra­zies (despite watch­ing ani­me them­selves, or play­ing ani­me-esque video games like Persona).
      I think there are peo­ple who are neu­tral more than any­thing though; the anti-Japan­ese thing seems to be a very vocal minor­i­ty. Actu­al­ly, I think I should replace the term “dub fan­boys” with “anti-weaboo ani­me watch­ers and JRPG play­ers” (oxy­moron) instead, since that’s basi­cal­ly what the peo­ple I describe in the post are. The com­mon com­plaint that you men­tioned (the high-pitched and “annoy­ing” female voic­es) is ten times more offen­sive when it comes out of these guys. Heck, I think the sub­ject of the top­ic may extend to peo­ple oth­er than dub fan­boys, who think the idea of enjoy­ing any­thing Japan­ese is the activ­i­ty of low­er lifeforms.
      I agree that both lan­guages have their mer­its, and spout­ing deroga­to­ry terms at peo­ple who watch one or the oth­er is imma­ture and pointless.
      @SmithCB: Well, every­one has an accent. Dun­no why peo­ple have prob­lems with UK Eng­lish, see­ing as that’s where the lan­guage orig­i­nat­ed from (well, tech­ni­cal­ly Ger­many, but you get the point). I agree with you that the prob­lem with some dubs is that they try too hard to mim­ic the way the orig­i­nal seiyuu por­tray the voic­es, though I blame that on the voice direc­tors rather than the actors them­selves. Cow­boy Bebop is a good exam­ple of voice direc­tion that takes a unique spin on the voic­es and turn out to be even bet­ter than the Japan­ese, and as you men­tioned, Ghost in the Shell is great exam­ple as well. Albeit this unique spin has to be nor­mal, not 4Kids-unqi­ue. lol

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