2012 Autumn Anime (LB, LBLB!)

Rin power!

Time to pick out the few shows I’ll be fol­low­ing dur­ing the next ani­me sea­son. For me, autumn is always bet­ter than sum­mer when it comes to ani­me. At least, that’s the case for me. And this year is no different. 

Espe­cial­ly since this year, we have…

We are the Little Busters!

Lit­tle Busters! (Air date: Octo­ber 6th)

Ah~! How I’ve been wait­ing for my Lit­tle Busters! ani­me… for a long, LONG time now. Though I expect­ed Kyoto Ani­ma­tion. Nonethe­less, I’m excit­ed for this! I haven’t fin­ished the visu­al nov­el yet, so I’ll prob­a­bly read it along with watch­ing the ani­me, just because J.C.Staff is doing it and they’re known to have some weird adap­ta­tion prac­tices, lead­ing to me hav­ing some doubts. Hope­ful­ly, they real­ize what kind of mon­ster of a VN they have on their hands and fol­low Kyoto Ani­ma­tion’s exam­ple of adapt­ing a visu­al nov­el that will make it a total ass-kick­ing anime.


The voice cast is most­ly the same as the visu­al nov­el, with the excep­tion of Riki, who is voiced by Yui Horie instead of Tomoe Tamiya­su. Reminds me of Air, where Yuk­i­to was voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa in the VN while he was voiced by Daisuke Ono for the ani­me adap­ta­tion. Luck­i­ly, Midorikawa has time to voice Kyousuke in the anime! 😛

One thing I’m hop­ing they’ll do is keep the music from the VN, or at least the open­ing theme, which was used in the PVs:

not little busters

Chu­u­niby­ou Demo Koi ga Shi­tai (Air date: Octo­ber 3rd)

So instead of tak­ing up the Lit­tle Busters! project for the autumn sea­son, they decid­ed to adapt this light nov­el. From the looks of the pre­views, the ani­ma­tion is top-tier KyoAni qual­i­ty as usu­al. The con­cept of the plot isn’t too inter­est­ing — imag­i­nary bat­tles, but it’s nice to see the com­pa­ny ani­mate some action scenes after so many years of slice-of-life-esque shows.

I’m hop­ing it’ll be a fun show at the very least — I’m not going to be too crit­i­cal of it like the first few episodes of Hyou­ka, which turned out to be a fun show on its own.


Psy­cho-Pass (Air date: Octo­ber 12th)

I have no idea what this is going to be about and don’t know any fur­ther details about it, except that’s it’s an orig­i­nal series writ­ten by Gen Urobuchi and ani­mat­ed by noit­a­m­i­nA. Enough of a rea­son for me to watch it, I should say.

2 thoughts on “2012 Autumn Anime (LB, LBLB!)

  1. ~ah you’ve nev­er read the plot of Psy­cho-Pass? as far as I can remem­ber I think it’s about mea­sur­ing peo­ple’s minds and per­son­al­i­ty. && the main char­ac­ter is some kind of offi­cer and man­ages crimes and such…
    I think it’s kind of inter­est­ing most espe­cial­ly the idea of mea­sur­ing peo­ple’s minds or something… 

    I don’t real­ly know how good the VN of Lit­tle Busters is but I’m pret­ty curi­ous of its over­whelm­ing pop­u­lar­i­ty. but then, my no.1 rea­son for watch­ing this series is actu­al­ly because of Key 😀

  2. @-black­sheep: Mhm, any­thing by key is meant to toy with the human heart! haha The VN is very good, one of Key’s best.
    The con­cept of Psy­cho-Pass sounds inter­est­ing. I’m con­fi­dent about the writ­ing con­sid­er­ing who the head writer is.

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