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Duel Savior


Hel­lo every­one! It’s that dude who nev­er makes posts on projects he’s already start­ed! Why? Well, it’s because he has impor­tant stuff to do. Like… well, this! This, my friends, is the lat­est trans­lat­ed VN-Game, Duel Sav­ior!

There is a prophe­cy that every 1000 years, when the destruc­tion draws near, the Mes­si­ah will come from a dif­fer­ent world to the root world of Avatar and save them all.

Mia Touma, while return­ing home from school, finds an old but high­ly dec­o­rat­ed book. When she shows it to her broth­er, Taiga, the book tele­ports them to anoth­er world — Avatar.

When they awak­en, they find them­selves in a world rem­i­nis­cent of Medieval Europe. Before they under­stand what’s hap­pen­ing, an ener­getic woman comes before them and tells them they have become Sav­ior Can­di­dates.

They must use the train­ing they learn at the school to defeat the Lords of Ruin and Ruin itself to save Avatar and every oth­er world along with their friends. How­ev­er, Taiga finds he has become the Red Apos­tle, which com­pli­cates mat­ters great­ly. What is going on with the fight with Ruin? Will he actu­al­ly be able to become the Mes­si­ah and save Avatar?”  (from v309)

The premise slight­ly reminds me of Koi­hime Musou, in the sense that the MC gets port­ed for what seems to be no rea­son, only to turn out to be the sav­ior of every­thing. Actu­al­ly, it’s a lot like Koi­hime Musou, but hey. Hind­sight is every­thing. So, any­ways, about what I’ve seen so far! As you can tell (or guessed), this is made by the same devel­op­ment team as the peo­ple who made the entire series of Bal­dr, Team Bal­dr Head, sub-divi­sion of Giga. I haven’t played any of them myself yet, as I’m wait­ing for Amat­era­su to fin­ish Bal­dr Sky. I’ve been told that it’s real­ly good and Amat­era­su only tends to trans­late the games that it feels are wor­thy of trans­la­tion. Either way, if I do enjoy my run of Duel Sav­ior I will be able to at least slight­ly jus­ti­fy my excite­ment over Bal­dr Sky’s translation.

So, what do we have so far? Well, the intro is fair­ly as you imag­ine this going. The game tricks you into think­ing that Taiga is actu­al­ly some sort of wom­an­iz­ing play­boy, but it turns out it’s the com­plete reverse. He is thir­ty dif­fer­ent types of beta, and appar­ent­ly him and his half-sis­ter Mia are real­ly strug­gling to get through the day with bare­ly any mon­ey and still attend­ing school. Also, Taiga has a voice. I’m sure there’s prob­a­bly a way to turn it off but so far it does­n’t annoy me to the point of near-sui­cide like most end up doing, so I’ll leave it on. Any­ways, Taiga rec­og­nizes some kids as shoplifters and chas­es them, caus­ing them to drop the crap they stole and high-tail it away. One being this book, which explains that it “final­ly found you” before the screen does a Poke­mon-bat­tle-esque warp and we are treat­ed to a rather amaz­ing OP!

From the info I have received and looked around, appar­ent­ly the two modes, Des­tiny and Jus­tice, are dif­fer­ent only slight­ly. Des­tiny con­tains a loli route, but is 17+, the dirty-stuff appar­ent­ly fades to black. The oth­er one, Jus­tice, is 18+. And while it does not have the com­pa­ny of a loli route, it seems to have a harem route in its stead.  I’m won­der­ing where the loli route is placed, most­ly due to my curios­i­ty and my need to 100% every­thing I touch. This game appar­ent­ly takes the enforced-play­ing-order way of things, so I don’t have the plea­sure of sim­ply mak­ing a game on Des­tiny and pick­ing the loli to review it. I’m hop­ing after I 100% the Jus­tice mode It’ll count towards the oth­er one as well, let­ting me pick up the loli route for review. If not, that’s gonna be one hell of a grind.

So, with that in mind, the art seems to be a bit old-fash­ioned. This was released in 2004 after all, so com­plain­ing about that would be sil­ly. The game­play seems actu­al­ly real­ly fun and flashy. I’m a bit wor­ried about being able to take the fight­ing as seri­ous­ly as it’s meant to be with how the sprites are drawn dur­ing the fight­ing. I plan on counter-bal­anc­ing this by set­ting this shit on the hard­est dif­fi­cul­ty avail­able to me right now and see­ing how it goes from there.

What am I expect­ing? Well, a lot of eroge-games do tend to have inter­est­ing game­play, some being incred­i­bly addict­ing (HERE’S LOOKING AT YOU, ALCHEMIST MEISTER) but some­times the sto­ry suf­fers for it. The premise seems to actu­al­ly fol­low some­thing though and does­n’t seem to be com­plete­ly open-end­ed with­out direc­tion or true con­flict (ONCE AGAIN, YOU, ALCHEMIST MEISTER), yet for some rea­son I have a good feel­ing. I’ll go on the record say­ing I am actu­al­ly excit­ed about start­ing this.

Any­ways, I want to get start­ed. So, in Wah­fuu fasion, I’ll announce this the only way I can:



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